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Anup Tomato: A Reliable Choice for Tomato Cultivation

16 February 2024, New Delhi: Anup Tomato, developed by Syngenta, is a trusted tomato variety known for its exceptional characteristics and high yield potential. This article explores the variety overview, characteristics, and registration details of Anup Tomato, shedding light on why it is a reliable choice for tomato cultivation. With its heat tolerance, disease resistance, and uniform ripening, Anup Tomato offers farmers the opportunity to achieve successful and profitable tomato production.

Variety Overview:

Anup Tomato exhibits several key features that make it a valuable choice for farmers. It has good heat set capabilities, allowing it to thrive in warm climatic conditions. The variety offers high yield potential with a good reflushing habit, ensuring a continuous supply of tomatoes throughout the season. Additionally, Anup Tomato is tolerant to TY LCV (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus) and is suitable for bacterial wilt-prone areas, providing farmers with added protection against common tomato diseases.


Anup Tomato possesses distinct characteristics that contribute to its popularity among farmers. The fruit size and shape of Anup Tomato are square-round, with an average weight ranging from 80 to 100 grams. The tomatoes exhibit uniform ripening and have green shoulder fruits, which add to their visual appeal. The plant type is semi-determinate, tall, and vigorous, ensuring robust growth and abundant fruit production. Harvesting of Anup Tomato can typically commence 65 to 70 days after transplanting.


For any customer inquiries or assistance regarding Anup Tomato, Syngenta provides a dedicated customer care number: 180030100555. This contact information can be used to obtain product information or address any emergencies related to Anup Tomato cultivation.


Anup Tomato, developed by Syngenta, is a reliable and high-performing tomato variety that offers numerous advantages to farmers. With its heat tolerance, high yield potential, and resistance to common tomato diseases, Anup Tomato provides a stable foundation for successful tomato cultivation. The variety’s square-round fruit shape, uniform ripening, and green shoulder fruits contribute to its visual appeal and marketability. Farmers who choose Anup Tomato can benefit from its robust growth, abundant fruit production, and the support provided by Syngenta’s customer care services. By incorporating Anup Tomato into their farming practices, growers can enhance their tomato production and achieve favorable outcomes in the market.

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