Agriculture GVA in India crosses 20%, highest in the last three years

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04 August 2021, New Delhi: As per Provisional Estimates of Annual National Income, released by National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation on 31st May 2021, the share of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in Gross Value Added (GVA) of the country during the last three years at current prices is given below.

                                                                             ( in percent)

YearPercentage Share of GVA of Agriculture and Allied sector to Total Economy

                  Source: National Statistical Office (NSO), M/o Statistics & PI.

As per First Revised Estimates of National Income for 2019-20 released on on 29th January 2021, Gross Capital Formation (GCF) in agriculture and allied sectors at current prices during the last three  years (latest available) is given below.

                                                                                                             (₹ crore)

YearGross Capital Formation (GCF) of Agriculture, forestry and fishing  at Current Price

    Source: National Statistical Office (NSO), M/o Statistics & PI.

Agriculture being a State subject, the State Government is primarily responsible for the growth and development of agriculture sector and developing perspective plans for their respective States and ensuring effective implementation of the programmes/schemes. However, Government of India supplements the efforts of the State Governments through various Schemes / Programmes.  

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