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Jacto announces in Brazil a new area focused on services with solutions for Agriculture 4.0

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04 August 2021, Brazil: Jacto presents “Jacto Next” to the Brazilian market, a new business area of the company responsible for marketing and delivering specialized services inside farms. The objective of Jacto Next is to offer farmers integrated and complete solutions to make Agriculture 4.0 feasible by simplifying the adoption of new technologies, and helping improve performance, quality and sustainability in their businesses.

“Like Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution in agriculture needs digitalization in the field for more agility, autonomy, connectivity and integration in production and management processes. In this scenario, we are increasingly requested to offer agricultural properties integrated and complete solutions to make this possible”, explains Fernando Gonçalves, Jacto President Director. “With the release of Jacto Next service area, we reinforce our purpose of serving farmers with products, information and services. Modern agriculture needs new tools that can enable it to reach its full potential”, he adds.

A year ago, Jacto released its Digital Ecosystem in Brazil which, through Jacto Connect App, allows joining four important participants of the agricultural environment: the farmer, the business ecosystem, the information system and all “things” present inside the property.

In this context, the business ecosystem comprises resellers, partners and communities inside and outside the property; information systems are platforms, apps, and other integrative solutions; and the “things” present inside the property are machines, fields, sensors, crops, soil, drones, weather stations, etc.

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Therefore, Jacto Connect was developed with the intent of promoting an integration space for these four elements by offering several Jacto and other market partners’ services free of charge or by subscription.

Now, withJacto Next, Jacto takes a leap by offering services for Agriculture 4.0.

Jacto is making available to the market services that allow complete agriculture digitization with solutions for internet signal coverage, instrumentation, multibrand machine connection, sensors, weather stations, drones, satellite images and software to monitor and manage operations. The new area also offers subscription service for GPS correction signal.

At the same time, other services such as specialized training, special operations with drones and autonomous vehicles, operational and agronomic consultancy besides Predictive Intelligence for better plant health, including pest, disease and nutritional status management are being developed and will be available soon.

“Jacto Next’s mission is to be the expert provider of reliable end-to-end solutions with its own technology and those of partners in an integrated way with high quality, and at the same time in a simple and clear way”, affirms Felippe Antonelle Gonçalves, Jacto Next Business Manager.

EKOS: Jacto software for agricultural operation management 

One of the highlights of Jacto Connect’s current service portfolio which is marketed and provided by Jacto Next is EKOS, Jacto’s software that allows integrating solutions to digitalize agriculture and visualize information.

EKOSwas developed to manage all agricultural operations in cereal, fiber, fruit and sugar cane crops with online multibrand monitoring, operational efficiency improvement and all information at hand for faster and accurate decision making. The software creates maps, controls service orders, generates efficiency and operational productivity indicators, and supplies reports for detailing jobs on a single screen. 

“Through EKOS software, farmers have full and online visibility of the agricultural activities and operations carried out in the farm. They can monitor the progress of the jobs and be notified in case of machine downtime, maximum operating speed as well as receiving several other configurable operational alerts”, completes Fellipe. 

Results in the Field

 Agriculture digital transformations bring very specific needs for Agriculture 4.0 to be able to show its potentiality and possibilities.

Aware of this scenario, AMAGGI has worked to promote the proper environment for these new technologies by studying, contributing and developing partnerships with the use of the new digital technologies over a decade. Since 2019, some AMAGGI farms have been using agriculture 4.0 services, connecting machines and doing detailed management of all operations with Jacto services and solutions.

“It is already part of AMAGGI’s culture to work with partnerships in search of innovative solutions for the challenges in the field”, sums up Leonardo Maggi, the company’s Head of Innovation.

According to Ricardo Moreira, AMAGGI Production Control Manager, the demand brought by the digital transformation impacts how businesses are managed. Management has to be fast and assertive, and this agility represents gains in agricultural operations.

“This entire Revolution has forced us to look at the issue of minimizing errors and decision-making time, and it has given us a new perspective to assess processes implanted in the field. Now, we have a real-time systematic visualization of our machines’ behavior working based on operational, weather and agronomic data sent in advance through Service Orders. We understand this will bring greater gains in operational performance, and it will increase our agricultural productivity. The assessments and insights allow reducing errors and carrying out the entire process in a more sustainable manner”, explains Moreira.

This is the context in which EKOS was developed: for technology to provide customers information and insights which would not be possible without it.

“Through telemetry data, we have managed to reduce up to 80% the overlap area in spray operations. In this case a soybean and cotton producer, savings in agrochemicals reached R$120,000.00 in a year at every 1,000 ha”, complements Antonelle from Jacto.

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