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International Day of Rural Women. Gender no barrier to thriving across agricultural sector. A story from Australia

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14 October 2023, Australia: Three hardworking women in the New Holland network are proving that gender is no barrier to a successful career in Australia’s agriculture sector, where women currently make up 34% of the industry.

Amy Reid recently joined On-Trac Ag at Bathurst as a mature-aged machinery mechanic apprentice, decades after originally turning away from a career in the trade.

“My brother did a technician apprenticeship, and when I was thinking about my career after school I couldn’t see any females working on machines or in the dealerships so I did hairdressing instead,” Amy said.

“I lived and worked on the land, so always had a passion here. In the last couple of months something changed, and I’m so proud to now be one month into my apprenticeship.”

“Everyone has been really welcoming and actually in the workshop, there’s a lot of skills that women offer than men can’t—women are often the ones with greater attention to detail, a gentler hand, and smaller fingers to work on the more intricate parts of a machine.”

“It’s so encouraging to see that the younger generations are so much more open to women pursuing a career in ag— I wish I could have done this when I was 16!”

Claire Miller, first-year diesel technician apprenticeship at On-Trac Ag in Orange, hasn’t let age or gender stop her from working in the industry she loves.

“I got offered work experience at the workshop while I was still in high school, and as soon as I was asked to stay on, I knew that it was the right path for me,” said Claire.

“As a young woman in the industry, I appreciate that my team don’t treat me any differently and have helped me overcome any doubts about my success.”

With the loyal support of her team and her family, Claire strongly advocates for other young women considering a career in agriculture. “Give it a go and if you love it, don’t let anything stop you!” said Claire.

Melody Labinsky, New Holland’s ANZ PLM Product Manager, is one of the network’s shining examples of supporting the next generation.

Recently mentoring an aspiring female agricultural engineer, Melody has been able to showcase the rewarding career opportunities in agriculture.

“If you have a dream or a goal, finding like-minded people who are there to support you is so crucial,” said Melody.

“From a young age, I knew I was passionate about storytelling and learning the complexities of ag machinery, so I am very thankful for the help I have received to get to where I am today.”

With a lifelong background in farming and a passion for ag innovation, Melody has been able share her expertise, experience and networks with other young women interested in a career in agriculture.

“As an industry, I hope that we can continue to remove roadblocks so that the next generation of ag leaders can embark on the most direct path to success,” she said.

In line with its partnership with the National Farmers’ Federation, New Holland is continuing to set a standard of gender diversity across the industry by supporting NFF as it aims to double the number of women in agriculture’s leadership positions by 2030.

New Holland also works closely with UNIQ You, a not-for-profit increasing the proportion of women working in industries and roles currently under-represented by women across Australia as part of their vision to see more diverse representation in the industry.

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