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Jacto wins the “Best of the Agribusiness” 2021 in the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment category

04 December 2021, Brazil: Jacto has been elected for the 9th consecutive year by Globo Rural Magazine as the best company in the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment segment. On Tuesday, November 30th, Jacto president Fernando Gonçalves received the award on behalf of Jacto and all its employees on an online event.

 “It’s a special honor to participate in this award which is an award for the farmers. I offer it to all farmers, to all our employees, to our Master resellers and to the entire Nishimura family”, he said.

The Best of the Agribusiness award has been held by Globo Rural magazine from Globo publisher for 17 years. It acknowledges agribusiness companies in 21 categories that stood out in the previous year.

Besides the categories, the magazine elects a winner in Sustainability, the Largest Company among 500 in the sector, the Featured Company among Small and Medium-sized Companies, and the grand prize of the night, which is the Champion of the Champions – an award Jacto received in 2013 – and which was given to Aurora Coop this year.

In his speech, Fernando Gonçalves also spoke about Jacto’s evolution along its 73 years of history.

 “Jacto was founded by a Japanese immigrant who arrived with 100 dollars on his pockets and even starved at the time. Today, we work with a huge line of machines besides products and services for precision agriculture that allow the development of Agriculture 4.0 inside farms. We also conduct researches and work with autonomous vehicles”, he highlighted.