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Indian Farmers to Get New Nano Urea Plus, Notification for New Composition Released

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19 April 2024, New Delhi: The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has issued an order specifying the requirements for Nano Urea (liquid) 16, to be produced by IFFCO in India. The notification is in accordance with clause 20 D of the Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) Order, 1985 signed by Joint Secretary Yogita Rana. This is the second notification on Nano Urea where the composition has been modified. The first notification was issued in March. The amount of N (as a percentage of weight) has been increased in the new composition and it will now be called Nano Urea (Liquid) 16.

The specifications for Nano Urea (liquid) 16, which will be effective for three years from the date of publication (15th April 2024) in the official Gazette, mentions Total Nitrogen (as N), minimum percentage by weight to be 16%, pH (Liquid Nano Urea): Between 4 and 8.5, Viscosity in cP: Between 5 and 30, Hydrodynamic Particle size as per DLS analysis: A minimum of 50% of the material shall be in the range of 20-80 nm, Surface Charge/ Zeta Potential: Greater than 15.

This order aims to establish the specific parameters for Nano Urea (liquid) 16, ensuring its quality and effectiveness in agricultural applications. By setting these specifications, the government seeks to regulate the production and distribution of this particular type of urea, manufactured by M/s IFFCO. The introduction of Nano Urea (liquid) 16 is expected to contribute to improved nutrient management in agriculture while minimizing environmental impact.

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