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ICAR-CIFRI initiates cage culture in Doyang Reservoir, Nagaland

28 October 2022, New Delhi: Doyang reservoir (26° 13’ 10″ N and 94° 17’ 90″ E) located in Wokha district, Nagaland has a water spread area of 2,258 hectares and is a potential resource for augmenting fish production in the state. Fish catch in the reservoir is mainly contributed by stocked fishes (80-90 %) like Labeo catla, L. rohita, Cirrihinus mrigala, Cyprinius carpio, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix and natural fishes like L. dyochelius, L. dero, Neolissocheilus hexagonolepis, Tor tor, T.  putitora, T. progenius, Anguilla bengalensis, Barilius sp., Mastacembelus armatus. Cyprinion semiplotum, Chagunius sp. and Garra sp. reportedly contributes to only 10-20% of the total catch. Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Nagaland has been carrying out multifold activities in the reservoir like post-harvest programmes, organization of villagers (from 23 no. of displaced villages) into co-operatives/SHGs etc. to facilitate better fisheries activities and marketing. Total fish production from the reservoir was 358 tonnes during 2016-17. With 100 full-time active fishers, more than 250 fisher families depend on the reservoir for their livelihood. However, fish yield in the reservoir is only 158 kg ha-1 yr-1.

Considering these scenarios, ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore in collaboration with Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, Government of Nagaland initiated culture of common carp (Cyprinus carpio), Pangas (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) and Puthi (Barbonymus gonionotus) in cages installed in Doyang reservoir. Demonstration of cage culture technology was carried out with the objectives of popularizing cage culture technology among fishers of the State, increasing fish production and improving livelihood and income of tribal fishers. The whole program was initiated by ICAR-CIFRI under the leadership and guidance of Dr. B.K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore.

A total of 21,600 fingerlings (380 kg) of Cyprinus carpio, Pangas (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)and Puthi (Barbonymus gonionotus) were stocked in ten cages each having dimension of 6m x 4m x 4m (L x B x D) on 19 October, 2022. ICAR-CIFRI also provided 6 tons of ICAR-CIFRI CageGrow fish feed (28% CP), 16 no. of net cages (14 no. grow-out and 2 no. nursery), bird protection nets and biosecurity nets to tribal fishers of the reservoir for successful operation of the cage culture.

An awareness programme was organised on Cage culture technology on the occasion of fish seed stocking in cages with the active support from Mr. Rulanthung Ezung, District Fishery Officer, Mr. E. Mhonthung Lotha and Mr. Konrhi Magh, Assistant Fishery Inspectors, Wokha, Nagaland. The team of ICAR-CIFRI also interacted with local fishers of the area on issues relating to production and marketing of fish. It is expected that tribal fishers will benefit from cage culture technology in the reservoir.

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