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Agriculture in India: Expectations vs reality

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28 January 2023, New Delhi: Agriculture in India has been a key contributor to its economy. It has long been the backbone of the country and its main source of food and livelihood. In recent years, it has become the focus of government policy, with the aim of improving yields, reducing poverty and boosting economic development.


The expectation is that India will become self-sufficient in food production and be able to feed its population adequately. This will be achieved by modernizing the agricultural sector, introducing new technologies and improving the productivity of farmers. It is expected that the agricultural sector will generate more employment opportunities and help reduce poverty in rural areas.


Unfortunately, the reality of the agricultural sector in India is far from the expectations. Despite government initiatives, the sector is still plagued by many issues such as outdated farming practices, lack of access to credit and markets, inadequate infrastructure, and inadequate access to technology. These issues have led to low yields and inefficient use of resources, resulting in a high level of poverty in rural areas. Although there have been some improvements, the sector still needs to be modernized and made more productive in order to meet the expectations of the people.

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