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International Barley Hub Seminar Series: Barley Varieties – The Recommendation System

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21 June 2021, UK: The next seminar of the International Barley Hub is taking place on Tuesday 22nd June. It will discuss Barley Varieties – The Recommendation System and will be led by Dr Paul Gosling and chaired by Prof Robbie Waugh, Director of the International Barley Hub. Book your place here.

Barley breeders are continually developing new varieties and introducing them into the market. It is not always easy for the farmer understand which of the new varieties might suit their farming system. AHDB’s Recommended Lists program tests new varieties against industry standards in trials.

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Dr Gosling has a research background in soils and joined AHDB in 2011 from Warwick University. After working in the crop protection team at AHDB, specialising in weeds and cereal diseases, he moved to manage the Recommended Lists Program in 2019.

Next in the International Barley Hub’s Seminar Series are the following topics:

  • Barley quality for malting and malt quality requirements for brewing and distilling, 22nd July 2021, by Dave Griggs, Crisp Malt. Chair: Julian South, MAGB
  • Sustainable malt – a route to carbon zero, 23rd August 2021, by Dr Nigel Davies, Muntons. Chair: Julian South, MAGB
  • Barley history, Date TBC, by Joanne Russell & Luke Ramsay, IBH/Hutton. Chair: George Lawrie, IBH
  • Barley Salome Project, 22nd September 2021, Alison Milne, Crafty Maltsters. Chair: Alasdair Day, Raasay AHDB.
  • Barley agronomy, 22nd October 2021, by Ian Bingham and Steven Kildea. Chair: Fiona Burnett, SRUC
  • Barley phenotyping under stress: challenges and prospects, 22nd November 2021, by Sonia Negrao. Chair: Nadia Al-Tamimi, Hutton.

Watch the most recent IBH seminar: The Barley Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), by Dr Pete Berry and Sarah Kendall, chaired by Ian Bingham, SRUC, below.

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