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How will El Niño affect the coming Kharif sowing season in India

07 March 2023, New Delhi: The El Niño effect is a global weather phenomenon that has a significant impact on the monsoon season in India. It is a warming of the Pacific Ocean that can lead to changes in wind patterns, causing the monsoon rains to be either weaker or stronger than usual. This can have a major effect on the sowing season in India, as it determines whether there will be enough rain to support a successful crop.

Since the El Niño effect is caused by changes in the Pacific Ocean, it can be difficult to predict exactly when and how it will affect India’s sowing season. However, there are some signs that suggest that El Nino could have an effect this year.

A warming El Niño event may develop in the coming months after three consecutive years of an unusually stubborn and protracted La Niña which influenced temperature and rainfall patterns in different parts of the world, according to a new update from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Recent studies have indicated that El Niño could be developing in the eastern Pacific, which could lead to weaker monsoons in India. This could mean that the sowing season could be more challenging than normal, as farmers may have to contend with lower levels of precipitation and higher temperatures.

At the same time, El Niño is not the only factor that could affect the sowing season in India. Other weather phenomena, such as the Indian Ocean Dipole, could also have an effect. As such, it is important to take a holistic view of the weather patterns in India, and take into account all of the possible factors that could have an impact. Using drought tolerant and climate-resilient varieties will help farmers to safeguard their investments.

Ultimately, whether or not there will be an El Niño effect for the coming sowing season in India remains to be seen. However, it is important to be aware of the potential for El Nino to have an effect, and to be prepared for any changes that could occur. By keeping an eye on the weather patterns, farmers in India can be better prepared for the sowing season, and be more successful in their crop production.

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