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FreezeM Raises $14.2M in Series A to Accelerate Market Expansion in the Insect Protein Industry

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19 February 2024, Israel: FreezeM, an Agri-tech pioneering biotechnology company that offers Breeding-as-a-Service (BaaS) for Black Soldier Fly (BSF) protein factories, announced today the closure of $14.2 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by a group of seasoned industrial investors and the prestigious European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), along with FreezeM’s existing investors and partners. The funding will be used to accelerate the growth of the company’s breeding hubs network and commercialize its novel solutions at scale, accommodating the rapidly increasing market demand.

FreezeM aims to simplify BSF reproduction and increase protein yield through the supply of its PauseM® product to BSF protein producers, tapping an estimated $3.96 billion market by 2033 according to Meticulous Research forecast. This innovation plays a vital role in boosting insect protein production capacity for livestock and pet food while implementing a circular economy, conserving precious global farmland, and reducing ocean depletion.

Traditionally BSF breeding is a major bottleneck in industrial scale insect protein production, requiring unique bio-expertise to tackle inherent colony instabilities and technological gaps. While there are vast off-the-shelf engineering solutions for rearing and processing, breeding challenges can’t be addressed by machinery alone. As the insect farming industry matures, it follows a similar trajectory to other established agricultural market segments, moving towards supply chain specialization and segmentation. PauseM® is developed to overcome the fundamental challenges of insect breeding, thereby giving our customers’ competitive edge in the market. By eliminating these industry constraints, PauseM® not only promotes sector growth but also facilitates scaling of the global insect protein industry.

PauseM® is a ready-to-use product, containing life-cycle ‘paused’ BSF neonates with an extended shelf-life of 14 days and consistent high survival rates of over 90%. PauseM® is shipped to BSF protein facilities worldwide, stored on site and flexibly used according to production needs. This technology paves the way to a new decoupled BSF protein production model, separating the breeding phase from rearing and processing phases for the first time in the insect farming industry. The adoption of PauseM® as an outsourced ongoing breeding supply enables increased protein production efficiency, reduces Opex and Capex and streamlines seamless scalability.

FreezeM takes the breeding hurdle out of the equation, streamlining insect protein production and making it more efficient and accessible from new entrants to veteran market players. The newly established decoupled protein production model marks the first time the breeding phase is separated from the rearing and processing phases in the insect farming industry. The company currently supplies PauseM® globally, catering to small to large-scale BSF protein factories.

“The current funding round will enable FreezeM to embed our technology globally at scale and accelerate the growth of our breeding hubs in Europe and Israel, thereby driving successful commercial expansion. Our technology unleashes the insect market from its shackles and will propel the insect protein market to fulfill its true potential,” said Dr. Yuval Gilad, Co-founder and CEO of FreezeM.

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