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Forging future ecosystem: BASF Agricultural Solutions brings 2024 new pipelines to the 37th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Sprayer Facilities Fair

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27 November 2023, China: Between Nov.19th to 21st, 2023, the 37th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Sprayer Facilities Fair welcomed BASF Agricultural Solutions and its new pipelines and outstanding crop solutions for 2024 to discussions on the new agricultural market opportunities and ecosystem with the industry’s upstream and downstream partners.

Innovation drives BASF’s sustainable and diversified business development. BASF has chosen this year’s fair to display three new products scheduled to hit the Chinese market in 2024.

  • New in Disease Management: BASF Mibelya® is Revysol®’s new member, which contains double patented active ingredients fluxapyroxad and mefentrifluconazole, and is effective for both disease prevention and treatment; Mibelya® will be the first to launch in China, and is expected to inject new life into the fruit and vegetable fungicide market
  • New in seed treatment: BASF Ilevo® is a high-performing new type of seed treatment product developed for maize nematode stunted diseases, with an average efficacy of 90%. Ilevo® can be applied directly in the factory for greater convenience and increased safety, reducing exposure to pesticides during use. It is expected to reinvigorate the maize nematode stunted diseases market, which hasn’t seen a new solution in many years
  • Managing rodent infestations: BASF’s New Rodenticides is recognized by The Pesticide Laboratory refers as “biochemical pesticides” for unrestricted use, which is friendly for distribution channels. The rodenticides raise blood calcium levels after ingestion, leading to tissue calcification and death. It also has strong palatability and is environmentally friendly

According to Mr. Jackson Wang, Vice President of BASF Agricultural Solutions Greater China, “BASF’s confidence in the Chinese market does not stop at the investment in the Verbund site in Zhanjiang. BASF is in China, for China. We will work together to seek more meaningful long-term cooperation, create more sustainable value for our partners, build a new agricultural ecosystem, and find the right balance for success for agriculture.”

In recent years, BASF’s development of crop solutions has consisted of combining conventional crop protection products with patented new innovations to meet the wide variety of management needs facing Chinese growers. BASF’s focus for the fair spans multiple crop solutions for rice, wheat, corn, grapes, and potatoes among other crops to stimulate more vitality in the crop protection market. BASF has initiated the development of a new rice system in China. Chinese rice growers will gain access to a brand new seed and weed management solution based on research into herbicide-tolerant rice varieties, making rice growing management simpler and more efficient. BASF has also identified the management of resistant rice planthoppers as an important part of BASF’s future rice solutions.

The new agro-ecosystem is not limited to crop solutions, and BASF has collaborated on several important projects in recent years. One important example has seen the company team up with the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center and Yuntianhua on fertilizer reduction with BASF’s new fertilizer synergists to improve nitrogen fixation and carbon reduction for Chinese growers. Another project with the National Tea Industry Technology System and the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has focused on exploring a new direction for green prevention and control of tea pests and tea lesser leafhoppers with the use of Sefina®, the low-residue, environmentally friendly biological pesticide. Cooperating with upstream and downstream partners to transmit value from fields to dining tables and promote new fruit and vegetable varieties through industrial alliances has been particularly rewarding. Together with the National Agro-Technical Extension Service Center and industry associations, BASF has continuously promoted the scientific and safe use of pesticides. BASF strives to work with partners and agricultural experts and by integrating sustainability criteria into all business decisions, and help farmers to create a positive impact on sustainable agriculture.

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