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81,500 tons of agrochemical packaging collected in 18 Latin American countries

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20 June 2023, US: Thanks to the management of National Associations through the CampoLimpio program, 81,500 tons of empty agrochemical packaging were recovered in 18 countries in Latin America, in 2022.

According to a report by CropLife Latin America, this result recorded last year represents an increase of 5% compared to 2021.

According to this non-profit organization, the determining factors for CampoLimpio’s operation in 2022 were the regulations, which require a post-consumption program, and the commitment of the various members of the agricultural chain to make the plastic recovery process viable.

″Offering an environmentally responsible solution for plastic used in agriculture and training more people in good agricultural practices and the responsible use of agricultural pesticides contributes to the fulfillment of seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)″, says CropLife Latin America.

According to the report, the SDGs seek to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and the massive collection of this waste, which includes plastic, metal, cardboard, paper, and flexible packaging, does not happen by chance.

″It involves dedicated work to reinforce prevention activities with educational days, where we highlight the importance of washing packages correctly, perforating them to make them unusable, and taking them to a collection center,″ the organization said.

According to him, CampoLimpio also plays a vital role in raising awareness against the illegal pesticide trade, which encourages dismantling and returning them.

They said it was also necessary to expand the infrastructure by constructing 15 new reception centers in several countries in the region.

New balanced regulations were also established that establish clear rules for all participants, financial self-sustainability, and, above all, an integrated model.

″78% of the recovered rigid plastic was recycled and transformed into new useful products, such as plastic lumber, drainage pipes, and posts, giving this material a new life. The remainder was sent to the furnace for energy recovery and co-processing. Other final destinations such as container-resin and container-diesel pyrolysis were explored in 2022,″ CropLife Latin America said in conclusion.(from AgroPages)

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