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Why U.S. Farmers Should Consider Using Desiccant For Crops as Harvest Approaches

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19 August 2022, US: With harvest quickly approaching, have you thought about using a desiccant for your crops? Using a desiccant like FBN® Willowood Paraquat on crops promotes rapid, more uniform crop dry down, helping maximize harvestability.

Desiccation ensures a quicker, more complete dry down to maintain crop quality, with a more uniform sample and less issues affecting grade.

And because desiccant usage means all areas of the field are dry and ready to harvest at the same time, its application means more acres can be harvested each day in an effort to maximize harvest efficiency.

3 Steps for Successful Desiccant Application 
1. Use a Surfactant

Surfactants are adjuvants that reduce surface tension to help facilitate the dispersing, spreading, wetting, or other surface modifying properties of liquids. While many pesticides require the addition of an adjuvant, some do not.  Be sure to read the label thoroughly before applying in case a specific surfactant is required.

FBN Direct offers excellent surfactant options, including IN-Zorb™ 90.

2. Be Strategic with Application Timing

Paraquat is typically activated by sunlight, so plan to apply in cloudy weather or during the evening for best coverage. 

3. Plan for Weed Control 

Desiccation is not a method of weed control, but rather a harvest aid. If weed control is an issue, FBN has several options as well, and these can be used alone or in conjunction with FBN® Willowood Paraquat.

Shop for Crop Protection Products

With an incredibly diverse crop nutrition product portfolio, FBN Direct® has the desiccant products you need this season.

Shop conveniently anywhere, anytime online or through the FBN® mobile app with transparent list prices and delivery direct to your farm. 

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