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Potato trials prove a hit for 3D ninety leaf coverage

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20 July 2022, UK: Potato sprayer operators could achieve more effective coverage of the complete plant foliage by using the new Syngenta 3D ninety nozzle for blight control and desiccation, according to Syngenta application specialist, Oliver Ainsworth.

Recent application trials he conducted in Dundee, on a full crop canopy in September, demonstrated over 100% greater average plant coverage with the 3D ninety, compared to a Guardian Twin Air nozzle.

“The key with blight control and desiccation of potatoes is the ability to hit stems and lower leaves of the plant,” he advised.

“The 3D ninety delivered consistently more product lower down the plant. It also had more even distribution of product through the hight of the plant.”

“As a result, it gave a higher overall level of coverage across the leaf layers,” reported Oliver.

All of the treatments received the same application, including carfentrazone desiccant with fluopicolide + propamocarb blight fungicide and Crusade/Stirling drift retardant, along with a UV sensitive Helios dye.  A standard 400 l/ha water volume was used for the trial.

Leaves from the top, upper, lower and base of the canopy were photographed under UV light to identify where product had landed, followed by analysis of each leaf to produce average leaf coverage results for each plot.

Of the nozzles trialled, the Lechler IDTA deposited the highest coverage on the top layer (78.9%), followed by the 3D ninety (70.1%). The Wilger DR 110 gave the highest coverage on the upper (61.1%) and lower leaves (33.7%), followed by the 3D ninety next best in both areas (53.2% & 26.4% respectively).

At the base of the plant the 3D ninety was significantly better than any other nozzle, at 17.1% coverage, compared to 8.7% with the Wilger and just 0.9% with the Guardian Twin Air.

Overall, the 3D ninety achieved an average 41.8% of leaf area covered, compared to 40.3% with the Wilger; 38.8% with the Lechler IDTA but only 19.4% with the Guardian Twin Air.

“This research has confirmed the potential of the 3D ninety to achieve consistent coverage throughout the potato crop canopy, as seen at the Eurofins blight trials repeatedly over the past three seasons,” Oliver added.

“The nozzles are now available in the 05 and 06 sizes best suited to potato blight and desiccant applications this season, along with the 08. A full range of nozzle sizes will be available in the coming weeks.” 

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