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WEEDNASH 80% WP (Technical: 2,4- D Sodium Salt 80 WP)

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20 March 2024, New Delhi: Weednash is one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. A common herbicide used for the control of broadleaf weeds.

Mode of Action:

It is a selective and systemic herbicide of the phenoxy carboxylic group. Absorbed through leaves, translocated to meristems, causes uncontrolled unsustainable growth further causing stem curl over, leaf withering and death of the plant.

CropsTarget Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
PotatoConvolvulus arvensis, Portulaca oleracea, Asphodelus tenuifolius, Chenopodium album, Anagalis arvensis, Cyperus iria, Portulaca oleracea500- 1000 gm/acre
SugarcaneCyperus iria, Digera arvensis, Convolvulus arvensis, Portulaca oleracea500- 1000 gm/acre
WheatConvolvulus arvensis, Melilotus alba, Fumaria spp., Asphodelus tenuifolius, Chenopodium album, Vicia sativa500- 1000 gm/acre
Aquatic WeedsEicchornia crassipes500- 1000 gm/acre
SorghumPhyllantus niruri, Convolvulus arvensis, Euphorbia hirta, Tridax procumbens, Digera arvensis, Trianthema spp., Striga Spp., Cyperus iria500- 1000 gm/acre
Non-crop Area Parthenium hysterophorous, Cyperus rotundus500- 1000 gm/acre
MaizeAmaranthus spp., Tribulus terreistris, Boerhavia diffusa, Portulaca oleracea, Euphorbia hirta, Cyperus Spp., Trianthema monogyna500- 1000 gm/acre


Weednash is used mainly as a post-emergent herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals, sugarcane, tea, wheat, rice, non-crop areas, sorghum etc.

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