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IIL launches two new products Shinwa & Izuki with Nissan Chemical Corporation

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11 April 2022, Hyderabad: Insecticides (India) Ltd in collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation launched two new crop protection products Shinwa and Izuki for Indian farmers last week in an event at Hyderabad. Shinwa is an insecticide by Nissan Chemical Corporation, Japan & Izuki, a combination fungicide developed in technical collaboration with Japan’s Nissan Chemical Corporation.

Shinwa (Technical: Fluxametamide 10% w/w EC) is an insecticide by Nissan Chemical Corporation, Japan which effectively controls the lepidopteran pests and thrips in variety of crops. The product provides a better control on pests with quick knock down effect and better duration of control than other available insecticides in the market. Shinwa is a promising product for IIL as this will open its avenues to a larger market with crops like brinjal, okra, chilli, tomato, cabbage and red gram.  

Izuki (Technical: Kasugamycin 6% + Thifluzamide 26% SC) is a unique broad-spectrum fungicide combination of two molecules with excellent prophylactic and curative properties. It protects paddy against diseases such as sheath blight & blast. Izuki is extremely safe for pollinators and the environment.

Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd. said, “We are pleased to launch two new products Shinwa & Izuki today with Nissan Delegates. These two products show the commitment of our company to bring international products for Indian farmers. Our relationship with Nissan started in 2012 and we have launched 4 products since then namely Pulsor, Hakama, Kunoichi and Hachiman and launching two more today. We have been receiving very good response for these Japanese technology products and they have established a niche for themselves in the market as premium brands.” 

Dr. R. K. Yadav, Managing Director of Nissan Agro Tech India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Nissan is committed to serve the Indian farmers. We believe that these two new products Shinwa which has unique mode of action for effective control of insects in most of the crops and Izuki controls sheath blight and blast of paddy simultaneously, these two chemistry will make a difference to the farmers and help them to fight the menace of insects and diseases and get healthy crops.”

“Nissan products launched by IIL has received extraordinary response in the southern market. Our team has worked very hard in the fields with farmers to take these technologies to small and marginal farmers so that their yield can be maximised”added Mr. V. K. Garg, Vice President, Insecticides (India) Limited.

Mr. Sanjay Singh, Sr. GM, IIL, mentioned “Response for Shinwa & Izuki has been tremendous in the initial trail phase. Shinwa has been found to be effective in both high and low temperatures, with a rain fastness of around 2 hours. It quickly gets absorbed on the surface of crops, making it much better in rainy conditions after spray. Shinwa is a fast-acting insecticide that causes target pests to stop damaging crops and they begin dying within a few hours of the spray. We are optimistic that Shinwa will benefit a large number of farmers during Kharif season.”

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