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Corteva Agriscience Marks One-year Anniversary of Symborg and Stoller Acquisitions

Corteva Biologicals Showcasing Industry-leading Innovations at Commodity Classic

28 February 2024, Indianapolis: Marking the one-year anniversary of successfully acquiring the biological companies Stoller and Symborg, Corteva Agriscience is proud to introduce Corteva Biologicals, a proven portfolio of solutions to help farmers navigate ever-changing market conditions and growing challenges.

The acquisitions positioned Corteva as a global leader in the biologicals market, illustrating the company’s commitment to providing farmers with new tools for sustainable and integrated farming practices.

Corteva Biologicals provide farmers with new solutions that help crops better interact with their environment by using nutrients and inputs more efficiently, improving their naturally occurring processes. Developed to deliver proven, predictable performance, they can be used to complement traditional crop protection products to optimize plant health, or, where labeled accordingly, be used alone for organic farming.

“Corteva Biologicals is responding to farmers’ evolving needs for innovative options to help navigate changing market conditions,” said Frederic Beudot, General Manager, Biologicals, Corteva. “As a company, we’re leveraging our global expertise with local presence, working alongside farmers to identify their challenges and help them boost performance, build resilience and protect potential.” 

Examples of these innovations being featured at Commodity Classic (booth #1403), include:

  • Utrisha™ N. The nitrogen-fixing bacterium enables plants to capture nitrogen from the atmosphere, increasing farmers’ ROI. Ongoing field trials show soybean farmers who use Utrisha N see an average increase of 3.1 bushels per acre and corn farmers see an average increase of 6.9 bushels per acre among trials with yield increase.1
    Because Utrisha N boosts performance by enhancing the plant’s ability to efficiently use nutrients, it is an excellent complement to nutrient management programs, particularly for farmers who struggle with nitrogen loss or who want to push yield potential. It’s also certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use with organic crops, offering organic farmers the same key benefits as conventional farmers, including better plant health to maximize yield potential.
  • X-Cyte™. X-Cyte builds plant resilience by providing cytokinin, which promotes cell division in plant roots and shoots and is crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic stress mitigation. It helps manage heat stress in all labeled crops, including increasing pollen production and fertility, kernel weight and grain density in corn. In soybeans, X-Cyte improves branching, increases seed size and weight, and reduces pod loss. For wheat and small grains, it increases grains per head and stalk strength.
  • Bio Forge® Advanced. Boosting performance and building resilience, Bio Forge Advanced allows plants to focus more of their energy on yield-enhancing physiology and reproduction. The proprietary and patented technology can be applied to abiotically stressed or injured plants to optimize recovery and improve abiotic stress tolerance throughout the growing season, ultimately maximizing yield potential.

Local commercial teams are coordinating plans to integrate Corteva Biologicals into Corteva marketing and packaging materials in the coming year.

1Soybean data is based on average yield advantage of 306 Utrisha N applications compared to untreated soybeans from 2021-2023 field trials. Corn data is based on average yield advantage of Utrisha N + optimal nitrogen application compared to optimal nitrogen application from 2021-2023 field trials. Product performance is variable and depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to weather conditions, soil factors and manner of use or application. Individual results may vary.

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