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Corteva Agriscience and Symborg Announce Agreement on Microbe-based Nitrogen Fixation Product

26 July 2021, Spain: Corteva Agriscience and Symborg, an expert in microbiological technologies, announced today a multi-year agreement around a microbe-based nitrogen fixation. The agreement includes almost all countries on the European continent (except the Nordic countries and the Netherlands) and Israel.

Through the agreement, Symborg is providing an exclusive distribution license to Corteva for the endophytic bacterium Methylobacterium symbioticum, which works with the plant to secure needed nitrogen from the atmosphere. Corteva is leveraging its wide distribution network, market reach and extensive research and development capabilities. 

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Corteva will offer two brands, Utrisha™ N and BlueN™, both nutrient efficiency optimizers. This disruptive technology provides value through integrated nutrition management efficiency in natural field conditions, adapting to the plants’ growth needs and helping to sustainably maximize crop yield potential. It will be available for all food crops.

“Corteva Agriscience continues to bring new and innovative solutions to market by offering natural-origin products that work complementarily with our conventional crop protection solutions, such as Optinyte™ nitrogen stabilizer,” said Susanne Wasson, President, Crop Protection Business Platform, Corteva Agriscience. “We’re excited to work with Symborg to scale up and maximize sustainable options that help farmers meet changing environmental conditions while keeping their crops productive and healthy.”

Igor Teslenko, Corteva Agriscience President, Europe, added: “Corteva Agriscience continues to provide farmers with new and innovative solutions by offering natural-origin products that work complementarily with our crop protection solutions.

“This collaboration represents another step forward for Corteva Agriscience’s expanding global Biologicals portfolio, which is dedicated to developing biostimulants, biocontrol and pheromone products with proven, predictable performance.

“The agreement reinforces our focus on improving sustainable nitrogen efficiency and availability, while enhancing yield potential and sustainability, in line with the  Corteva Agriscience 2030 Sustainability Goals.”

“Symborg’s aim is to transform agriculture. Thanks to our innovative Biosolutions, we help growers address one of their main challenges: to combine profitability and sustainability,” said Jesús Juárez, founding partner and CEO of Symborg. “Strengthening our collaboration with Corteva Agriscience in Europe is a great opportunity to boost the transfer of BlueN™ technology and to promote a more sustainable model. It is also an important development for agriculture, society at large and the planet.”

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.