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Agriculture – Much More Than Just Farming

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22 April 2024, EU: As an advocate for innovation in agriculture, CropLife Europe supports the Letta report’s proposed „fifth freedom’ as a means of enhancing research, education and innovation. This concept, extending. the very crux of the single market, is a pivotal step towards ensuring the competitiveness of the European Union. Strengthening and enabling the agricultural sector should be an essential component in furthering European’s competitiveness.

As part of CropLife Europe’s 2030 commitments we continue to invest heavily in innovation and ensure that the latest technologies are shared promptly with our farmers. Our dedication is evident in our pledge to invest EUR 14 billion into digital and precision agri-tech and biopesticides.

Additionally, we expect to have trained a million farmers by the decade’s end – a testament to our commitment to bolster innovation and protect people and our environment.

But investment alone is not enough. The strategic importance of green and digital transitions to address the agricultural sector’s challenges is undeniably key. EU policymakers should ensure access to a full toolbox, adequate financial support, and knowledge transfer, all within a future-oriented regulatory environment. The acceleration of sustainable food production and the adoption of the ‘fifth freedom’ will increase food security and address the key challenges faced by EU agriculture, further contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“The Letta report, a collaborative effort with insights from across the entire continent, effectively recognises that the Single Market is indeed much more than a market and must be cultivated as such.Innovation and competitiveness are crucial for Europe to continue to thrive“– CropLife Europe Director General Olivier de Matos highlighted.

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