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CaixaBank and Biome Makers collaborate to promote more sustainable agriculture

22 July 2023, Spain: CaixaBank and Biome Makers work together in a pilot project for technological innovation in agriculture.

Biome Makers, a world leading AgTech company specialized in the biological analysis of soils, and AgroBank, CaixaBank’s business line aimed at agri-food activity, have signed a collaboration agreement consisting of a commercial pilot. The combined effort increases access to Biome Makers’ BeCrop® technology to farmers and CaixaBank customers, revolutionizing agriculture with innovative soil data and artificial intelligence technology, financed by the bank.

The relationship between the two companies was cultivated at the International Agrotech Ventures Program organized by the European Innovation Council and CaixaBank, where Biome Makers was announced the winner for its BeCrop® technology as a solution for the agricultural and livestock sector in Spain. BeCrop® technology is the standard in soil health, with the world’s largest taxonomic database of microorganism references, providing clear and actionable data to overcome common problems in agriculture such as nutrient cycling, pathogen pressure, among others.

“We are excited about this collaboration and the possibilities it offers farmers,” says Adrian Ferrero, Cofounder, and CEO at Biome Makers. “Farmers and CaixaBank customers will now have the opportunity to use BeCrop® technology with zero-cost financing, thanks to which the entire agricultural industry will benefit from gaining crucial biological soil data to inform their decision-making process.”

Both companies have a deep understanding of the vital role soil health plays in agriculture. They recognize its importance in mitigating the effects of climate change, such as droughts, while striving for sustainable food production. To consolidate their commitment to these shared goals, the companies have forged a partnership agreement whereby CaixaBank will offer, as part of a commercial pilot, to finance BeCrop® Test, a soil biology analysis based on BeCrop® technology, to farmers and customers. In addition, Biome Makers will support and guide AgroBank customers in the use of its technology and how to use the information obtained to improve productivity or reduce costs.

“We are very pleased with this agreement. We believe that improving and recovering soil health is a key factor in improving agricultural sustainability, which is so important for feeding the population in a sustainable way and mitigating climate change,” says Jaime Campos, Director of AgroBank at CaixaBank.

This agreement aims to promote the recovery of soil health in Spain, helping farmers to improve their productivity in a sustainable way, so that they can overcome the challenges that the agricultural sector has been facing for several months due to weather, inflation and other factors.

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