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Empowering Women in Agriculture: Corteva Agriscience’s Commitment to Gender Equality

07 March 2024, Maharashtra: Women’s empowerment is a cornerstone of social progress and sustainable development, encompassing various facets of life, including agriculture. Corteva recognizes the pivotal role women play in agriculture and is committed to supporting and empowering them.

From providing financial assistance to meritorious students pursuing agricultural studies through partnerships with organizations like Buddy4Study to promoting agri-entrepreneurship among rural women through the Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) program, Corteva is actively working to uplift women in agriculture.

To support millet women farmers, Corteva in 2023, collaborated with the Mann Deshi Foundation to enhance millet production in Mann Taluka, Maharashtra. This partnership aimed to improve soil quality, provide agronomy guidance, facilitate market access for traditional millet snacks, and increase dairy-related income for millet farmers.

Corteva’s efforts extend beyond the field, encompassing financial literacy, leadership training, and technical guidance to empower rural women farmers and entrepreneurs through its Pravakta Program. By dedicating resources to these initiatives, Corteva is fostering gender equality and driving positive change in agriculture and society.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Corteva is proud to spotlight a few inspiring women farmers and scientists who have benefited from its programs, showcasing the impact of its commitment to women’s empowerment.

Rani Devi: A Rebel and a Leader

Rani Devi

Rani Devi, from Pandpa village in Nawada, Bihar, faced daunting obstacles on her path to empowerment. Married early and with limited education, she yearned for more than the confines of her household. Two years ago, she joined Corteva’s initiative as a Community Resource Person to train farmers in the Direct Sowing of Rice (DSR). Despite initial family opposition and her lack of prior experience, Rani Devi’s commitment led to remarkable results. With Corteva’s support, she achieved a productivity of 14.5 quintals on her 0.6-acre land, earning an extra income of INR 5000. Her success has transformed her family dynamics, with her husband now supporting her work and sharing family responsibilities. Rani Devi’s journey showcases the transformative impact of Corteva’s support in empowering women farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Pramila Devi: Beacon of Hope

Pramila Devi

Pramila Devi’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and hope. Born into poverty in Pes village, Bihar, she was denied an education and expected to focus solely on household chores and childcare. However, her life changed when she learned about the Direct Sowing of Rice (DSR) technique through Corteva’s meetings. Despite facing criticism, Pramila convinced her husband to adopt DSR, leading to increased yields and recognition as a leader in the technique. With support from Corteva, she expanded her cultivation and became an advocate for DSR, inspiring other farmers in her village. Corteva’s DSR technology has not only increased yields and reduced resource usage but also promoted gender equality in agriculture. Pramila’s journey continues as she empowers women farmers and serves as a role model for women’s empowerment.

Corteva Agriscience is spearheaded by a team of women scientists who are not only making groundbreaking discoveries but also challenging gender stereotypes in agriculture. Here are the profiles of a few of these remarkable women.

Selvarani Elangovan, Research Scientist – ‘India’s first women mustard breeder’

Selvarani Elangovan

Selvarani Elangovan is a Research Scientist at Corteva Agriscience and holds the distinction of being India’s first woman mustard breeder. With over 4 years of experience at Corteva, Selvarani is passionate about her work and the impact it has on agriculture. She believes in the contributions of women to the field of science and is motivated by the achievements of Marie Curie and modern genome-editing innovators. Selvarani takes pride in Corteva’s commitment to making a significant impact in the mustard market by providing high-quality products to farmers.

K. Kavanashree, Field Scientist

K. Kavanashree

K. Kavanashree, a Field Scientist, is deeply passionate about her work, finding the most thrilling aspect to be her interactions with nature and farmers. She believes in implementing solutions that positively impact the lives of farmers and encourages girls and women aspiring to pursue a career in science to overcome gender stereotypes and embrace confidence.

Corteva’s commitment to inclusion and diversity extends to its workforce, where employee-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs) help ensure success in embracing the similarities and differences of people, cultures, and ideas. By advancing equity in agriculture, Corteva is committed to boldly embracing the power of inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Corteva is dedicated to empowering women across all aspects of its operations, fostering gender equality, and driving positive change in agriculture and society. As Corteva continues its journey of innovation and sustainability, it remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering women and ensuring a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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