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Lantmännen secures the handling of the Swedish harvest despite IT disruptions

30 July 2022, Sweden: Some of Lantmännen’s IT systems have been affected by preparations for a cyberattack against the company and the measures needed to prevent it. The IT disruptions are however not a threat towards the Swedish harvest.

On July 18, Lantmännen discovered advanced preparations for a cyberattack. Lantmännen immediately took measures to prevent the attack, including shutting down several IT systems and services, in order to clean up potential damage.

We now focus on regaining the functionality of our systems step by step, in a secure manner, while keeping the operations running. The operations, including production and customer service, are maintained thanks to alternative processes and working methods and with extraordinary efforts from the Lantmännen employees. 

The Swedish harvest is not threatened by the IT disruptions at Lantmännen. It is problematic that this happens to Lantmännen when the harvesting has just started, but all efforts are directed to ensure that farmers are affected as little as possible. The Swedish farmers can deliver their grain to Lantmännen as usual, and alternative processes have been established to be able to fulfill all commitments to the customers.

Unfortunately, there is a risk that the disruptions in some of the IT systems will last for weeks, but Lantmännen is working hard to solve the problems as soon as possible.  

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