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Journey through crops will show motivating and successful farming stories

26 January 2021, Asia: Showing successful farming experiences is the proposal of the “New times, new solutions” journey. Plans are to visit farmers and show successful stories and good farming practices. In formats ranging from documentary films to dynamic live streams, and episodes released throughout 2021, Jacto, an agricultural solution and equipment company, will go on a journey to tell the stories of these real life farmers and their views on the use of technology, training, responsibility, efficiency, productivity, sustainability and commitment to the future of the agricultural activity.

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With global presence, the intention of the brand is to connect people through motivating and successful farming stories and to highlight the role of farmers and the challenges for agriculture worldwide.

“To talk about new times and new solutions is to work to develop products and equipment that make sense in the fields and that are tools for competitiveness for farmers facing a more demanding and challenging scenario in Brazil and the in the world. Therefore, this initiative will show how the agribusiness from small to large farms in Brazil and worldwide is based on new premises such as digitization, efficiency and productivity in the fields, production traceability, and attention to an increasingly active consumer engaged in sustainable practices and actions. And nothing better than to look for examples in testimonies and real work situations as the day-to-day of women and men working in the fields”, explains Wanderson Tosta, Jacto marketing director.

A journey through successful crops – Visits to several cities from the north to the south of Brazil are planned for 2021.

The journey can be followed on Jacto’s social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Live streams and other digital events will be produced to show the everyday lives of farmers, their crops, difficulties, perceptions, as well as curiosities and costums of each visited region, and their perspectives for the future.

Obs1. Visits to crops in countries where Jacto has international presence such as Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia and Paraguay are being evaluated due to the Pandemic scenario.

Obs2. The teams making the journey follow safety measures and guidelines on prevention of COVID-19 provided by competent bodies and are tested periodically before going on to new regions.