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CROPIN Wins ‘Agritech Of The Year’ Award At Tech India Transformation Awards 2021

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18 October 2021, New Delhi: CropIn added another feather to its cap by etching its name on the Tech India Transformation Award in the ‘Agritech of the Year’ category. CropIn rightfully earned this award for its innovative efforts in the agricultural sector.

Around 40% of the Indian population is involved in agriculture, making it the primary sector. With the sector contributing 20% of our GDP, infusion of technology becomes imperative in the sector. With CropIn’s revolutionary products and solutions, the agricultural sector is likely to reach never seen before heights in the times to come. CropIn being the AgriTech Start-up of the year, is likely to be the flag bearer on this journey.

The idea is to infuse technology not just at the farmland but throughout the supply chain. With the inclusion of AI and ML, revenue generation has witnessed a boost while making the process a lot more manageable and smoother.

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The ceremony was held virtually, where several other Tech leaders were present. All attendees at the ceremony are assisting India hit global highs aided by the power of technology. With the pandemic, the advantages of technology are evident all the more.

Founder and CEO Krishna Kumar feels grateful to be a part of a future building collective like this. Kumar mentioned, “CropIn has come a long way since its inception changing lives for the better with the help of AI and ML. The idea of AG-Tech is swiftly picking up both nationwide and globally, and CropIn is leading the joyride. This has only been possible due to CropIn’s team, who worked dedicatedly to turn a vague vision into reality. This marks the beginning of our aggressive growth for the years to come.”

There cannot be a better use of technology than helping people and, in turn, a nation. With ease, CropIn also endeavours to make a positive impact on the environment.

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