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AgroFresh Expands Produce Freshness Solutions in California with the Approval of SmartFresh InBox

09 July 2022, California: AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global agtech innovator that provides produce freshness solutions, and digital technologies that enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce, today announced the expansion of its SmartFresh™ Inbox in California with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (CDPR) approval for a range of new crops. SmartFresh InBox offers powerful protection in a small, portable sachet, expanding the availability of SmartFresh technology for growers, packers and retailers who either don’t have an airtight room or require a more convenient option.

SmartFresh InBox, now registered in California on pome fruits (apples and pears), stone fruits (peaches and plums), kiwi and avocados, utilizes AgroFresh’s industry leading SmartFresh (1-MCP) ethylene management technology to delay the ripening process and helps maintain post-harvest produce quality and freshness. SmartFresh InBox sachets are easy to apply and handle, offering effective protection against internal and external threats to freshness, resulting in increased shelf life and reduced levels of food loss and waste.

Twenty years ago AgroFresh revolutionized the fruit and produce industry with the introduction of SmartFresh, which is now being used in over 25,000 fruit storage rooms worldwide.  Since then, the company has grown into a global leader with seven innovation centers on four continents in key fruit growing regions and has introduced a full portfolio of post-harvest freshness solutions that meet the needs of growers and packers around the world.

“At AgroFresh, we are driven by a spirit of innovation and unparalleled customer service, and we are delighted to be able to bring SmartFresh InBox to more of our U.S. customers,” said Michael Hamby, Chief Commercial Officer for AgroFresh. “In the fight against food loss and waste, it is essential to make better solutions more accessible to our customers. SmartFresh InBox offers the convenient, flexible, and easy-to-use application process that will help bring the best tasting, highest-quality fruit to market.”

“California is the largest and most diverse fruit growing region in the U.S. and our customers there need more flexible application methods and products to help preserve and protect the crops they oversee,” said Sarah Enescu, Commercial Business Director for AgroFresh. “We are excited to bring our full portfolio of SmartFresh solutions, services and application methods to our customers to help improve the quality and freshness of a broader range of crops.”

SmartFresh InBox is part of AgroFresh’s leading SmartFresh Quality System which provides customizable and convenient produce freshness solutions that fit the needs of produce operations of all sizes and is used on the widest range of crops in the U.S. AgroFresh’s comprehensive portfolio also includes plant-based coatings and digital solutions such as FreshCloud that help improve quality and reduce waste across the supply chain from harvest to home.

Always read the label before use. Refer to California DPR website or the commercial label for the details on the registered uses.

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