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CISCO’s Agriculture Digital Infrastructure and Smart Agriculture Platform to support Indian farmers

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15 September 2021, New Delhi: Cisco, along with industry partner Quantela, has developed Agriculture Digital Infrastructure (ADI) solution, which includes hardware and software components for better farming and knowledge sharing. A common software platform – Smart Agriculture Platform integrates the sensors and information available from Department and Satellite Data processing solution into one single dashboard providing real time status. Proofs of Concept (POC) have been implemented in select districts in target states. Key information pertaining to insights on crop forecasting, weather patterns, plant disease patterns, soil quality, moisture content, etc. are being gathered through the POC which are either completed or underway.

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The insights gathered under these POCs by consolidating information from farms and farmers will play a critical role to the data pool to be created under the National Agri Stack by the Ministry of Agriculture. The POCs will also support creation of an innovative model of gathering insights from Cisco’s ADI and Smart Platform from other states.

Cisco will conceptualize a Proof of Concept in effective knowledge sharing between farmers, administration, academia and industry in two districts in India, viz. Kaithal (Haryana) and Morena (Madhya Pradesh).

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