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Ninjacart’s Agri Marketplace Platform (AMP) platform will digitally enable farm supply chain linkages

15 September 2021, New Delhi: Ninjacart has signed an MOU with the Department of Agriculture & Farmers welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, India. The Agri-tech company plans to develop and host the Agri Marketplace Platform (AMP), which will enable bringing together of all the participants in the post-harvest market linkage. 

Ninjacart, is a technology based fresh produce supply chain company. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of post-harvest logistics of agriculture produce through using technology and thereby create value to all the stakeholders. Today Ninjacart operates in and around 11 Indian cities including Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Pune.

There are multiple players / entities involved in agriculture market place linkage and coordination between these players is critical in successfully operating the market linkages.  

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Ninjacart’s Agri Marketplace Platform (AMP) platform will digitally enable and orchestrate the same, thereby bringing in efficiencies in the overall market linkages. As multiple methods of supply are bound to exist based on the produce specific characteristics, AMP will be able to align the processes with those needs seamlessly. AMP will be able to incorporate 3rd party content that are made available through open access and standards. The locations where Proof of Concept (POC) will be conducted are Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh), Anand (Gujarat) and Indore (Madhya Pradesh).