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Plant measurements in our TCHT: numbers tell the tale

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27 January 2024, Netherlands: In the Rijk Zwaan Trial Centre High Tech, we collect extensive plant measurements on a weekly basis on a selection of varieties. This is part of a variety-specific dataset that includes plant measurements, as well as climate and production data. In this way, we gain extensive knowledge about our varieties. These plant measurements include:

  • Flowering height
  • Length growth
  • LAI (Leaf Area Index)
  • Fruitsetting
  • Head thickness
  • Plant load (number of fruits on a plant)
  • Fruit length

By developing a variety-specific dataset, we can provide better advice to our customers when choosing a new variety.

Another goal of plant measurements is to incorporate the plant’s feedback into the cultivation strategy. This includes parameters such as Leaf Area Index (LAI), head thickness, flowering height, and plant load. Consistently measuring these parameters allows us, for example, to closely monitor plant balance and adjust the climate as needed to meet the crop’s requirements.

Want to learn more or curious about additional specific information about our varieties? Contact your local Rijk Zwaan cucumber specialist.

Our High Tech Trial Centre stands at the forefront of modern growing techniques, enabling the comprehensive collection of crop data. Visitors gain valuable insights into how our vegetable varieties perform relative to their own production scenarios. Beyond cucumber trials, the facility also hosts experiments with tomatoes and sweet peppers, reaffirming our commitment to advancing agricultural practices.

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