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IStem cauliflower up for prestigious Innovation Award

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01 March 2022, UK: Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has been nominated for a prestigious Fruit Logistica Innovation Award for the second consecutive edition of the industry’s premier event, spotlighting the company’s leadership and innovation in high-demand segments, from tomato to water melon, sweet pepper to sweet corn. Syngenta’s unique Istem® cauliflower is shortlisted – two years after YOOM® tomato won the gold award.

Istem is high-yielding and appeals to consumers with its sweet, nutty curds individually held on top of tender, succulent stems. Eaten whole there is no food waste. It is quick to prepare, and can be eaten raw or cooked, from baking to barbecuing, steaming to stir-frying. It’s also a healthy choice – high in fiber and immune-boosting vitamin C.

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Istem was launched in the UK market in 2021 and has already been awarded a 3-star Superior Taste Award by the Brussels International Taste Institute.

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When two members of Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ team spotted a side-shooting cauliflower, they knew it was the future, reported Lotfi Bani, Istem project manager in Europe. “That was 2012, but it was a long way from being marketable. It has taken resilience and vision to breed, trial and taste-test the Istem.”

In 2020, Syngenta extended its partnership with UK grower Barfoots, who farm, harvest and pack the vegetables by hand under the joint Istem – CauliShootsTM brand.

“The Istem is a perfect example highlighting our priorities at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds. We put growers and sustainability at the heart of everything we do,” added Lotfi Bani.

“We have the capability to use agile, science-based agronomic solutions to create sustainable crops, while anticipating consumer preferences and market trends. The Istem exemplifies this. It not only cuts food waste, it also offers consumers a great-tasting, healthy, convenient choice.” 

Istem has a bright future. Extensive trials are planned in 2022 across Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America and Australasia, preparing for it to launch in new markets very soon.

Taste the future at Fruit Logistica

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds continues to be a leader with its pipeline of innovative varieties. Many more exciting highlights will be on display at Fruit Logistica.  Behind every vegetable is the story of how Syngenta teams approach the world’s need for healthy, nutritious fruit and vegetables that help farmers be profitable and mitigate climate change.

The Zefiros squash, for example, was developed to help farmers stay productive and profitable in the face of rising temperatures as a result of global warming. It is ideal for the shorter summer season, yield is maintained during higher temperatures, it is resistant to four viruses, and quality is maintained after harvest.

When growers were coming under pressure from the devastating new Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV), Syngenta fast-tracked its research to respond to this threat. Its teams’ speed and precision brought growers disease-resistant varieties such as Lansor and Barosor. Both varieties allow farmers to maximize marketable produce, even when ToBRFV is present. Syngenta has also bred spinach varieties to resist foliar disease Stemphylium.

Syngenta stays ahead of consumers’ preferences for vegetables that taste, look and feel good, and suit their lifestyles.

The personal size Piel de Sapo melon suits smaller families or individuals, the Angello® seedless sweet pepper offers a nutritious snack on the go, and burger leaf lettuce is shaped for a bun while withstanding hot food well.

All these varieties and many others can be seen at Fruit Logistica, Hall 1.2, booth D16 from 5-7 April 2022. Find out more:

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