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Global Organic Expo 2022 will bring Organic Revolution in India

01 March 2022, New Delhi: Global Organic Expo 2022 – International Conference & Exhibition is scheduled to be held from 26-28 May 2022 at IARI Pusa Ground, New Delhi.

The special event on the organic sector will includes food farming, Innovations, Technology, and Skill Development, Start-ups in Organics, Marketing Distribution and Exports.

The 3 day event will promote India’s ancient farming system with the latest technologies and scientific methods to ensure production, marketing and income enhancement for the farmers

The event plans to host about 1 lakh farmers, 600 companies from 10+ countries. In addition to the exhibition at the Global Organic Expo, more than 20 conference sessions will be conducted by distinguished scientists / organic agriculture experts and progressive farmers in organic agriculture. The program will be inaugurated by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.

The event will focus on Natural Farming, Biofertilizers, Food Processing, Agro Tourism, Organic Husbandry, and biofuel. The focus areas have been decided based on the current land scape and future roadmap of organic farming in india.