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Upgrades for 2023 steyr® expert cvt tractors boost productivity and operating ease

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25 November 2022, Austria: For model year 2023, STEYR® Expert CVT tractors, which are available in four models from 110-140hp maximum output and four specification levels, gain multiple upgrades designed to further enhance operator comfort and machine efficiency to benefit users’ businesses. The new models are easily identifiable by their white door and window gas strut/hinge covers, in line with the latest STEYR family premium styling established on other ranges in the line. External upgrades also include features designed to boost productivity and safety, including new LED position lighting comprising engaged direction indicator lights which overlay activated position/running lights. The tractors also gain new model numbers, with the Expert 4100 CVT, 4110 CVT, 4120 CVT and 4130 CVT replaced by the Expert 4110 CVT, 4120 CVT, 4130 CVT and 4140 CVT. Where the last three figures in the old model numbers reflected their rated horsepower, the final three figures in the new model numbers describe the maximum horsepower. The engines and relative power outputs remain unchanged. 

Cab upgrades topped by new S-Tech 700 Plus touchscreen terminal

At the heart of the operating upgrades for STEYR Expert CVT tractors is a new S-Tech 700 Plus touchscreen control terminal, featuring a 12-inch screen which is 35% larger than that of the standard S-Tech 700 it replaces, for enhanced visibility and ease of operation. The tablet-style unit has a full glass anti-fingerprint and anti-glare touchscreen and higher-resolution graphics for maximum visibility in all light conditions. The new S-Tech 700 Plus boosts productivity via easier management of multiple tasks and faster operation of ISOBUS-controlled implements. It can also display images from up to four camera inputs from around the tractor and implement, enhancing safety and monitoring.  

Tractor and implement monitoring is further enhanced by a new monitor rail with integrated harness guide and two USB sockets, making it simple to install implement monitors exactly where required. A dealer-installed kit for a RAM® mount tablet holder is available for customers who have implements that utilise tablets for machine control via an app, and a RAM smartphone holder is a factory option.

To further enhance cab access, the left-hand steps have been redesigned to ease entering and exiting the tractor. On high roof models, a new windscreen wiper design ensures enhanced wiping performance for greater clearance and maximum safety. Already established on panoramic roof versions, the new arrangement has a 220° sweep, providing 65% more wiper coverage than the previous design. Automotive-style features include an additional automatic wipe movement after the screen washing function has been used. Meanwhile, other new external safety features around the cab include a new flashing beacon holder, already seen on STEYR Profi tractors, which is integrated into the roof and is foldable to protect the LED flashing unit from damage.

Inside the cab, trim quality has been enhanced, as has fit and finish around the headliner and pillars, to achieve further refinement of the cab interior. Fitted already to Expert CVT tractors with the panoramic roof option, all versions and models in the range now benefit from a cooled storage compartment. In addition, Expert CVT models also gain a new STEYR leather steering wheel matching these premium comfort levels. Further enhancements include a new rear-view mirror design, the unit integrated into the A-pillar for an unobstructed view of the windscreen.

CVT transmission further refined

The latest STEYR Expert CVT tractors benefit from a continuously-variable transmission that has undergone significant development in terms of customizable transmission settings, to deliver a new driving experience for the operator. This ability to customize allows operators to adjust, save and recall vehicle behavior according to personal preferences and application requirements. Expert CVT driving characteristics have been enhanced in multiple areas, including acceleration and deceleration, shuttle response, drive pedal sensitivity and cruise control pedal override. In addition, sensitivity and position detection of the joystick have been improved.

Implement control updates

On STEYR Expert CVT tractors specified with front PTO, the unit is now engaged via a new wet clutch, for enhanced performance, reliability and noise reduction, while up to four electro-hydraulic (e/h) remote valves are now available on Expert CVT.

Smaller CVT tractors increasingly in demand

“Tractors with CVT transmissions are becoming increasingly popular in this power sector,” says Christel Diebolt, STEYR product marketing manager for Expert CVT tractors.

“This package of upgrades for the STEYR Expert CVT range gives potential customers the enhancements they have been telling us they need in a CVT tractor of this size, meeting their demands for further refinement, efficiency and ease of operation.”

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