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New model marks preview of 2023 steyr® absolut cvt: ‘most significant development of past 15 years’

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25 November 2022, Austria: “Our most important long wheelbase tractor of the past 15 years” is how STEYR® describes the preview of a new Absolut CVT tractor model, the 280hp 6280. While the most visible development is a new cab, the tractor also introduces substantial internal changes designed to boost productivity, reduce ownership cost, minimise noise levels and maximise reliability.

New flagship introduces new model numbering

The new 6280 Absolut CVT is characterised by refreshed STEYR styling incorporating powerful new LED lights to make nightwork more precise, safer and less tiring for the operator. It also marks the introduction of a new model numbering system for the Absolut CVT series that makes each model’s performance easier to identify, with the last three digits representing maximum unboosted horsepower. With an optimal power to weight ratio to suit those seeking more power without additional weight in a compact frame, the 280hp 6280 enables boosts efficiency by enabling higher daily work rates to be achieved.

Greater STEYR cab comfort  

Trimmed with premium soft interior automotive-style materials for a luxurious feel, the new cab provides 8% more internal volume than its predecessor, giving the operator a roomier, more comfortable environment. Interior noise has been cut to an industry-leading 66 decibels, setting new standards in this power segment and helping minimise driver fatigue. A high-specification seat incorporates lateral suspension, cooling and heating, plus an upper swivelling backrest to help turning in the seat. The larger interior has enabled incorporation of more storage, including an integral coolbox under the passenger seat that can hold a lunchbox and a pair of two-litre bottles. A new pressurised climate control package has more outlets for enhanced air distribution, aided by auto-zone control. Comfort is further enhanced by a new optional Advanced Vehicle Suspension, which synchronises the front axle suspension, cab suspension and rear linkage damping to minimise shock transfer.

Further cab interior improvements include a new tablet-style A-pillar display with unique STEYR interface. The new display features crystal-clear figures and symbols laid out in an easy-to-understand and logical way, offering enhanced vision of key tractor operating data and customisable settings.

Enhanced connectivity

Like its stablemates in the Terrus CVT range, its S-Fleet telematics means that with new 6280 Absolut CVT there is no need for manual/USB data recording/transfer. The recorded data from the tractor and implement are accessible on the farm PC via the web portal, or the S-Fleet mobile app on the manager/owner’s smart device. It is also possible to see machine location and monitor performance indicators, for example, to help plan refuelling logistics. Two-way data transfer means data and instructions such as field maps can also be sent to the tractor from a smart device or PC.

If the owner chooses to give permission, their STEYR dealer can also monitor tractors fitted with S-Fleet. This can allow the dealer to, for example, spot early warning signs of any faults, and provide remote service access, thanks to S- Fleet Remote Support. With this feature dealers can even supply software upgrades remotely if required. In addition, they can provide operator in cab support via the S- Fleet Remote View, directly connecting to the Infomat 1200 screen from anywhere at any time.

The 6280 Absolut CVT also introduces, for the first time on a STEYR tractor, the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) protocol. This enhances both connectivity and communication between tractor and implement.

More convenient for long working days

Elsewhere on the tractor, the STEYR 6280 Absolut CVT incorporates new features to enhance convenience in multiple areas. A larger fuel tank with 15% more capacity means reduced refuelling downtime, while useful integral features include space for a toolbox and equipment, minimizing cab clutter, and operator convenience options include a hand-washing water tank.

CVT transmission developments enhance driving behaviour

The 6280 Absolut CVT introduces customisable CVT transmission settings, which allow operators to adjust, save and recall settings according to preferences and application requirements. Unique to the Absolut CVT, the settings system has been developed with customers to focus particularly on enhanced acceleration/deceleration behaviour, better shuttle response and greater sensitivity for both the drive pedal and the Multicontroller, with position detection for the latter also improved. Cruise control can now be overridden via a new drive pedal that provides enhanced precision and control.

More tyre options

The STEYR 6280 Absolut CVT also introduces new tyre options, with the possibility to fit rear tyres with a maximum 2.05m diameter, such as 710/70 R42 units. As a result, a 15% bigger footprint boosts both traction and flotation, and helps fully support carrying capacity, without compromising manoeuvrability.

“With developments such as a new cab with a bigger interior and lower noise levels, plus customisable CVT settings and new tyre options, the new STEYR 6280 Absolut CVT is our response to farmers’ demands for more power, efficiency, convenience and comfort,” says Darragh Mullin, product marketing manager for STEYR Absolut CVT tractors.

“The efficiency gains and greater capabilities these features give to the tractor and operator are what create what we believe is our most significant development in STEYR long wheelbase, high-horsepower tractors in more than a decade.”

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