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Cost of Cultivation of horticulture crops and earning potential in India

30 June 2022, New Delhi: Horticulture crops are important crops for Indian farmers as they help him fetch high returns. The total area engaged under horticulture crop production in India in 2021-22 was 270.56 lakh hectares and total estimated production is about 330.25 lakh tonnes (1st advance estimates).

The cost of cultivation of a horticulture crops is quite high when done on a large commercial scale. If the farmer has market availability close to his field and has capability for short term storage, then he can earn good amount from horticulture crops.

The table below mentions average cost of cultivation for a few important horticulture crops like Tomato, Chili, Paprika, Capsicum, Brinjal, Bhendi, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tapioca, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Ribbed Gourd, Bottle Guard, Gherkins, Turmeric, Coriander, Banana, Chrysanthemum, Golden rod.

Cost of cultivation of major horticulture crops grown in India (INR/Ha)

CropField preparationNursery and planting / sowingWeedingPlant protectionFertilizersWagesStaking, transport & other expensesTotal
Ribbed gourd6,0008,0008,0008,0007,0005,00042,000
Bottle gourd6,0008,0008,0008,0007,0005,00042,000
Golden rod6,00030,00010,00010,00011,00010,00077,000
Cost of cultivation of major Horticulture crops grown in India (INR); Source: Data collected by Krishak Jagat through survey (as per farmer practice)

It is also essential to know the earning potential from these crops as the cost of product fluctuates in the market daily due to various factors. The below table helps to understand net income from each of these crops with lowest market price expected. This will help farmers to take right decision before selecting his horticulture crops.

Net income from horticulture crops at lowest market price 

CropCost of cultivationYield (MT/ha)Net income (Rs.) (at the lowest price)Market price range (Rs.)
Tomato610005039000 (@ Rs. 2/kg)2 – 30/kg
Chilli460002264000 (@ Rs.5/kg)5 – 15/kg
Paprika4900037136000 (@ Rs. 5/kg)5 – 20/kg
Capsicum490001895000 (@ Rs. 8/kg)8 – 25/kg
Brinjal500006070000 (@ Rs. 2/kg)2 – 30/kg
Bhendi406001019400 (@ Rs.6/kg)6 – 15/kg
Cabbage5150075173500 (@ Rs. 3/kg)3 – 10/kg
Cauliflower5150032000 flowers108500 (@ Rs. 5/flower)5 – 15/flower
Tapioca300003054000 (@ Rs. 2.8/kg)2.8 – 5/kg
Watermelon500004050000 (@ Rs. 2.5/kg)2.5 – 10/kg
Muskmelon560002254000 (@ Rs.5/kg)5 – 25/kg
Ribbed gourd420002038000 (@ Rs. 4/kg)4 – 15/kg
Bottle gourd420004078000 (@ Rs. 3/kg)3 – 15/kg
Gherkins480002072000 (@ Rs. 6/kg)6 – 12/kg
Turmeric45000555000 (@ Rs. 2000/Q)2000 – 4000/Q
Coriander3200087000 bundles55000 (@ Rs. 1/bundle)1 – 2/bundle
Banana5600075319000 (@ Rs. 5/kg)5 – 12/kg
Chrysanthemum5500020245000 (@ Rs. 15/kg)15 – 25/kg
Golden rod7700015000 bunches73000 (@ Rs. 10/bunch)10 – 14/bunch
Net income from horticulture crops at lowest market priceSource: Data collected by Krishak Jagat through survey (as per farmer practice)

The above table will help to understand the highest and the lowest market rate. Horticulture crops must be selected keeing your local weather in mind as it is difficult to cultivate then in expreme high tempertures. It is also essential to know that you will be able to sell the final produce in your nearest market or not. Sometimes farmer grow ex exotic crop like black wheat or baby corn but there is no buyer in the local market to buy their produce.