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The overall pass rate of national agricultural product monitoring is 97.8%

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28 December 2023, China: News from this website Since 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has solidly promoted the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products, and has firmly maintained the bottom line of quality and safety in order to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate agricultural and rural modernization. The overall pass rate of national agricultural product monitoring throughout the year was 97.8%.

Remarkable results have been achieved in tackling the problem of pesticide residues in cowpea. The 20 main cowpea-producing provinces were urged to implement key elements such as small green prevention and control, rapid testing and random inspection, supervision and law enforcement, and pushed the pass rate to a historic high of 95.4%. We have coordinated and promoted the three-year action of “Curbing Prohibited Drugs, Controlling Drug Residues, and Promoting Improvement” to strictly crack down on the illegal use of banned drugs and strictly control excessive residues of conventional drugs. The qualification rates of relevant varieties have been significantly improved compared with before the rectification.

The institutional measures of the new agricultural security law have been effectively implemented. Small farmers included in the New Agricultural Safety Law (the newly revised “Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”) will be included in the scope of supervision, “detention” penalties for the use of banned drugs will be added, separate penalties for excessive conventional drug residues will be included, and commitment compliance certificates will be implemented system and other 4 major new systems. All localities have included all small farmers in grid supervision, carried out daily inspections every week, and carried out testing and law enforcement of their agricultural products. Enforcement of excessive conventional drugs has been fully launched in various places. All provinces have included excessive conventional drugs in the scope of supervision and law enforcement, and 338 cases have been investigated and handled. The new system of certificates has been effectively implemented. Most agricultural product production enterprises and agricultural cooperatives can issue certificates for each batch as required. Law enforcement officers dare to punish those who do not issue certificates. So far, 525 cases of certificates that promise to meet standards have been investigated and handled nationwide.

The supply level of green and high-quality agricultural products has been further improved. Throughout the year, 327 maximum residue limits for 75 pesticides in food were formulated, and 170 agricultural industry standards were issued. The four major actions of “three products and one standard” for agricultural products have been steadily advanced, and the list of the first 178 national standardization demonstration bases for the entire modern agricultural industry chain has been announced; the organization has organized the screening of characteristic quality indicators, improved the quality indicator database, and accelerated the establishment of a mechanism for high-quality products and high prices. In the first three quarters of 2023, 13,175 new green and organic agricultural products were developed, 744 newly registered special and high-quality new agricultural products were built, and approximately 174 million acres of standardized production bases for green food raw materials were built.

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