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Summer agronomy webinars address seasonal issues

20 July 2021, UK: With the headlong rush into harvest, it’s easy to overlook what’s on the horizon on the other side. Planning agronomic decisions now can help prepare and be ready for late summer seasonal issues.

A series of summer webinars will ensure growers and agronomists are up to date with the latest information, research results and innovative new techniques and technologies to make better choices for the new season.

Catch up with the webinar Summer Series 2021 here

  • Regional variety selection
  • Black-grass control
  • Ryegrass strategies
  • Seedcare innovations
  • Integrated Pest Management

For many that starts with variety selection, and particularly what will work best for specific situations. That includes matching varieties to specific regional soils and conditions, along with meeting local markets to generate the best possible returns.

The Syngenta Seeds team has scoured national and regional trials results to highlight those varieties best suited to specific areas, with three distinct webinars identifying options for individual farms in the North, East and West.

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They cover technical insights to help you decide which varieties will work best on any farm, including wheat varieties such as Graham and new SY Insitor, along with new hybrid barleys, SY Thunderbolt and SY Kingston. The team also look at research using varietal traits for integrated agronomy strategies, such as grass weed management.

View the regional variety webinars here:


After successive seasons of challenging establishment conditions, seed treatments will help to ensure crops get off to the best start this autumn. The Syngenta Seedcare team look at how the latest advances can promote vigour and rooting – now including in barley crops – along with when to upgrade seed treatments in wheat. 

See where seed treatments will work this autumn  

Managing grass weeds is the topic for two separate webinars. The first has brought together multiple seasons of trials at the Barton Black-grass Innovation Centre in Cambridgeshire – using a complex matrix of establishment and agronomy techniques to best manage a hugely high-pressure black-grass population. It provides a fascinating insight into the options for any farm’s situation.

Watch the black-grass webinar here

The second grass weed webinar specifically targets the increasing issues of ryegrass on many farms. With potential to result in even greater yield loss that black-grass, along with the ability to spread faster, the webinar’s advice on integrated strategies and effective application is essential watching for anyone facing growing weed populations.

Find out new ryegrass management strategies

And with this season’s harvest only now revealing the extent of barley yellow dwarf virus infections from aphids last autumn, the summer 2021 webinar series includes a new focus on a five-point plan for integrated pest management this year.

Presented by Syngenta specialist, Dr Max Newbert, it covers all aspects of an integrated plan for cereal and oilseed rape establishment. Including new techniques evaluated in trials and on farms, the findings could prove key in getting crops off to a good start and protected through crucial early stages.

See how integrated pest managment can work in practice

The Syngenta Summer Webinar series could set the success for the whole of next season’s crops. They are all available on catch up now.