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Syngenta experts share crop management advice to prepare growers for the 2021 season

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17 December 2020, USA: After another summer of events, trials at Grow More™ Experience sites across the Midwest showed a number of trends that should prove helpful for growers as they plan for 2021.

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Grow More Experience site events provided visitors with educational opportunities this year, including agronomic trials and product demonstrations, with increased safety measures in place.

Supported by a team of local agronomic experts, each site exhibited the latest agricultural technology – showcasing how Syngenta seeks to accelerate innovation by addressing the local environmental and economic needs of growers.

“It’s no surprise that 2020 was a year unlike any other, but our agronomists remained on the ground to face many of the same curveballs Mother Nature threw to growers this year,” says Grant Ozipko, head of technical services at Syngenta. “The first-hand experiences at our Grow More Experience sites gave our team several key insights that should help retailers and growers excel in 2021.”

Agronomists saw a variety of challenges and successes at Grow More Experience sites across the Midwest, but there were some common themes that could support growers as they prepare for 2021:

When choosing seeds prior to planting, consult with a local expert to identify the hybrids and varieties that will grow well in the region and fit with your management practices.

The 2020 season brought various high wind events, all of which led to high levels of downed corn. That is likely to increase the amount of volunteer corn emerging in soybean fields in 2021. Herbicide treatments that remove volunteer corn early should be considered in all soybean programs.

Weather permitting, growers are trying to plant earlier each year. When making a weed management plan, growers should take length of residual and timing of applications into consideration to ensure there is overlapping residual control to prevent any openings for weeds to emerge and impact yield potential.

Although disease pressure began at low levels in 2020, it continued to increase as the heat of summer persisted. Applying a fungicide treatment early in the season helps keep diseases at bay and plants stay green longer to maximize return on investment and yield potential.

In addition to offering growers resources to combat local agronomic issues, Grow More Experience sites also provide a way for attendees to impact their local communities. Syngenta pledged to donate $5 to each site’s local FFA® chapter(s) for every attendee who registered onsite with a valid email address. Despite lower in-person attendance this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Syngenta remains committed to local communities by donating $10,200 to local FFA chapters.

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