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Mexico Delays Implementation of GMO Corn Import Ban until 2025

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20 April 2024, Mexico: The Mexican government has announced a postponement in the implementation of its ban on genetically modified (GMO) corn imports from the United States. Originally scheduled to take effect in March 2024, the ban has now been extended to address concerns surrounding the country’s agricultural output and food security.

This decision comes amid ongoing debates surrounding agricultural technology and environmental safety. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration seeks to safeguard native corn varieties and phase out the use of the controversial herbicide glyphosate, which is believed to be detrimental to both human health and the environment.

The extended timeline allows Mexican officials and industries more time to assess the economic implications and explore alternative agricultural practices. This transitional period is particularly significant for the seed industry, which may need to shift its focus towards producing non-GMO and alternative crops in order to adapt to the forthcoming changes in import regulations.

The potential ban has sparked extensive discussions regarding the future of agricultural biotechnology and its impact on international trade. It is important to note that the majority of corn imported from the U.S. is used for animal feed and industrial purposes, and has minimal direct influence on food products such as tortillas and dough made from white corn, which constitute a small portion of overall U.S. corn production.

Throughout this postponement, Mexico’s relevant ministries and the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks will continue their efforts to identify alternatives to glyphosate and other potentially hazardous agricultural chemicals.

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the ban underscores the complexities associated with integrating modern agricultural technology with traditional farming practices. It also highlights the global challenges of ensuring food security and sustainability within the agricultural sector.

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