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Manufacturing approvals for agricultural products and active constituents

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22 October 2021, AU: A new condition of approval or registration for agricultural chemical active constituents and products has been introduced and commences 29 October 2021. The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code (Conditions of Approval or Registration) Order 2021 requires that agricultural products and active constituents for use in agricultural products must not be supplied if the manufacture of the active constituent or product contravenes, or fails to comply with, any manufacturing law of the country, or part of the country, in which it is manufactured. The order does not apply to veterinary medicines or active constituents used in veterinary medicines.

The intention of this condition is to give the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority the authority to respond appropriately should it establish that a registered agricultural chemical product (or approved active constituent for such a product) is not compliant with a licencing requirement in the country of manufacture.

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