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Hoang Thi Lien is elected President of VPA

20 December 2021Vietnam: The Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) conducted its Sixth Term Congress (2021-2023) and ceremony to receive the Government’s Emulation Flag on December 18.

VPA had successfully completed the missions during the sixth term. To begin, the association’s activities fostered a strong sense of solidarity and consensus, as well as received support from its members in all facets, both material and spiritual.

Local associations affiliated with VPA develop positive relationships, collaborate to exchange information, and effectively address relevant works with agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the authorities of key pepper-producing provinces.

In terms of international relationships, the association maintains a close working relationship with the International Pepper Community (IPC), the Pepper Spice Associations of the IPC member countries, the European Spice Association (ESA), and the American Spice Association (ASTA), among others, to ensure that all information and issues are resolved promptly

With an average annual export rate of 75-88 percent, VPA company members have made significant contributions to the qualitative enhancement of pepper production and processing operations for export. Numerous firms in important pepper-growing areas collaborate with cooperatives, cooperative groups, and farmers to produce peppers.

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The VPA conducts yearly surveys to analyze the state of pepper production in major provinces in order to assist member firms in obtaining more precise information about the state of production so that each company may develop its own strategy.

The association collected data on market conditions and pepper prices in the country and throughout the globe. Complete information on the amount of pepper imported and exported by enterprises and marketplaces, as well as the creation of a monthly newsletter to assist members in grasping the situation in a timely way

Additionally, it collaborates with the MoIT, MARD, IPC, and the Vietnam Trade Office in India/Nepal to recover 62 pepper containers stranded in Nepal and India. As a consequence, 61 pepper canisters were successfully recovered and transported to Vietnam. ..

The Congress chose a 19-member executive committee for the seventh term. Ms. Hoang Thi Lien, former Executive Director of the International Pepper Community (IPC), has been elected as President of the Vietnam Pepper Association for the seventh term.

In the next term, Vietnam Pepper Association will push a number of initiatives, including information dissemination, market research, and market demand analysis, to support farmers in growing pepper production, processing businesses, export plans, adding value to the sector, and mitigating risks on pepper production

The organization will collaborate closely with state management agencies, central and local ministries, and other stakeholders to address problems ranging from production to trade and export of Vietnam’s pepper sector both inside and outside the nation.

And it will work well with the members of the International Pepper Community, of which Vietnam is a member as the world’s biggest producer and exporter, to establish links and consensus in order to coordinate global supply management and regulation;

VPA will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, international organizations such as the American Spice Association (ASTA), the European Spice Association (ESA), Canada Spice Association (CSA), and The International Organization of Spice Trade Associations (IOSTA),… to update and share information, develop solutions to remove difficulties in both production and trade so that Vietnamese pepper can meet international standards and needs.

Vietnam Pepper Association will expand its activities in order to implement sustainable activities, focusing on close coordination with the agricultural industry, promoting cooperation and association with pepper farmers through farmer organizations to manage and control the production process from cultivation to harvest, handling, processing, and preservation… in accordance with GAP and GMP standards, resulting in clean pepper free of chemical residues;

It is planned to establish a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Plant Protection on the creation of association contracts to cooperatively promote sustainable pepper.