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China: 8696 rice and shrimp seeds aboard Shenzhou 16 completed the handover

29 January 2024, China: The 8,696 Nanxian rice and shrimp seeds that traveled into space aboard the Shenzhou 16 spacecraft were handed over in Nanxian, Hunan on the 27th. Subsequently, the Nanxian Rice and Shrimp Industry Research Institute of the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences will comprehensively promote scientific research on aviation breeding, carry out the next step of experimental planting and follow-up evaluation and identification, discover new genes and new germplasm, and promote the high-quality development of the grain industry and farmers in the Dongting Lake area. Increase production and income.

Biological seed spaceborne experiments are an important technology for space breeding. Compared with traditional breeding technology, this technology has a high mutation frequency and a wide range. It is expected to create high-yielding, high-quality, disease-resistant and other excellent germplasm resources in a short time. It has the opportunity to make “good seeds fly” and is an important way to obtain excellent crop variety resources. way.

On May 30, 2023, seeds of Nanxian rice and shrimp varieties went to space with the Shenzhou 16 manned spacecraft, and returned to the ground with the Shenzhou 16 on October 31, experiencing high vacuum, microgravity, and strong radiation space environments. of refining. This rice seed is a special new variety cultivated by Nan County and the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

At present, Nanxian Daoxiami has been awarded the “China Geographical Indication Certification Trademark” and the “Special Gold Medal of the 107th Panama Pacific International Exposition”, with a regional public brand value of 23.11 billion yuan (RMB, the same below). In recent years, Nan County, located in the hinterland of Dongting Lake, has continued to promote high-quality development of the entire rice and shrimp industry chain. The comprehensive output value of the rice and shrimp industry has exceeded 16 billion yuan, and the regional public brand value has reached 35.56 billion yuan.

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