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Call for AgTech solutions: Apply to innovate!

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11 April 2024, Australia: The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), in partnership with Cicada Innovations, has launched a new Grains Challenge aimed at addressing the most pressing challenges faced by grain growers through the development of new technologies and innovative solutions.

Australia’s position as a global leader in grains production is well-recognised, with the country supplying a wide range of grains for food, fuel and feedstock across the world.

The quality and unique varieties of Australian grains are celebrated internationally. However, to maintain and enhance this global leadership, there is a pressing need for innovation in technology that addresses key industry challenges such as productivity, yield, efficiencies, costs, and market volatility.

GRDC business development manager Tim Spencer says that to address these challenges, GRDC had invested in a series of innovation programs aimed at getting start-up ideas off the ground and into the paddock for grain growers.

“This program is part of a series of GRDC investments aimed at supporting novel and innovative technology and business concepts, particularly those arising directly from non-traditional sources such as innovative growers and entrepreneurs,” Dr Spencer says.

“We recognise that growers and agricultural professionals often devise novel solutions out of necessity. Our aim is to empower these individuals to see themselves as agtech pioneers, providing them with the tools and support to elevate their ideas from the field to the forefront of the industry.”

Cicada Innovations, Australia’s premier deep tech incubator, boasts over twenty years of nurturing innovative startups into global businesses.

With a portfolio that includes revolutionary agtech ventures like Regrow, known for its impactful agrifood tracking and guidance on regenerative practices; Azaneo, pioneers of cutting-edge electric weeding technology; and Platypus Vision, who have redefined seed and grain inspection, Cicada recognises the transformative power of deep tech in revolutionising agriculture’s future.

The new program will launch with Grains Elevate. Spearheaded by Cicada’s Head of Technology, Hebbat Manhy, the initiative aims to enrol up to 80 participants over two years, with a focus on advancing the grains industry through innovative deep tech solutions and enhanced farming practices.

“Our goal is to nurture the development of groundbreaking solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the Australian grains industry,” Ms Manhy explained.

“AgTech Elevate offers a rapid, immersive course to hone innovations with potential to impact the ag market, providing teams with the industry-specific insights, network connections, and the strategic plan necessary to confidently advance their venture within the grains sector.”

Participants who demonstrate exceptional potential will advance to the Grains Fast Start coaching program.

“Fast Start is about giving those promising business ideas the final nudge they need,” says Ms Manhy.

It’s a six-month journey where innovators set their milestones, and we provide the guidance to achieve commercial success.

Ms Manhy extends an invitation to all innovators, especially those in the agriculture sector looking to venture into agtech development.

“We’re keen to collaborate with individuals who have a deep understanding of agriculture but may be new to agtech product development. Nevertheless, we encourage anyone with a groundbreaking agtech solution to apply.”

This initiative not only promises to empower Australian grain growers with next-generation technologies but also reinforces Cicada Innovations’ commitment to fostering a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.

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