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ADAMA Launches New Multi-Crop, Broad Spectrum Fungicide Maxentis®

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For Improved Disease Control and Increased Yield

09 April 2024, EU: ADAMA Ltd. has announced the launch of Maxentis®, a new versatile fungicide that delivers reliable control over a broad range of diseases in wheat, barley, and oilseed rape, to increase yields and improve income.

Maxentis® delivers dependable control of Septoria, Yellow Rust, and Brown Rust in wheat; Leaf Blotch, Net Blotch, and Rust in barley; and Sclerotinia and Alternaria in OSR, helping bring peace of mind to farmers while simplifying and reducing the expense of their spray programs. In high potential wheat areas Maxentis® can be used as a T1 application in a spray program with other fungicides, or as a standalone T1 or T2 broad spectrum product in lower-potential areas. The non-SDHI formulation makes it an excellent partner for spraying programs, allowing farmers the flexibility to use an SDHI combination at the critical flag leaf stage of the wheat. 

Two modes of action are combined to enhance the impact of Maxentis®. This means that fungal diseases are controlled across multiple growth stages of the disease, resulting in greater efficacy and healthier crops. 

Maxentis® improves yields, while the ability to control numerous diseases in multiple crops with a single product increases convenience, reduces complexity and lowers costs, resulting in increased income for farmers.

“Farmers across Europe expressed a need for more versatile, broad label products that can serve multiple crops and combat a range of diseases, without requiring them to juggle a complicated mix of products,” says Alex Mills, Global Head of Fungicides at ADAMA. “We responded with the value innovation that is an integral part of ADAMA. Maxentis® delivers dependable control of the most important diseases in wheat, barley, and OSR, in a single convenient product that’s ready to go when you are. Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, farmers can produce higher yields with less stress.”

Maxentis® is part of ADAMA’s new European cereal fungicide portfolio, which it began rolling out in 2023. Launches will continue across the continent, UK, and Ireland throughout 2024.

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