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Animal husbandry and stables 4.0: meeting at Agrilevante

A large exhibition of prized breeding animals and a programme of competitions and conferences on the most advanced technologies for the management of livestock farms are featured at the seventh edition of the show, scheduled from 5 to 8 October at the Fiera di Bari.

18 September 2023, Italy: The Mediterranean agricultural technology exhibition Agrilevante – taking place at the Bari exhibition centre from 5 to 8 October – devotes special attention to animal husbandry. On show at the Apulian event there are machines for haymaking, livestock feeding and barn management, as well as specific electronic and IT technologies for managing livestock farms in a rational, sustainable manner, above all respectful of the wellbeing of the species being kept. But the highlight of the livestock section at Agrilevante is the exhibition of cattle, horses, sheep, as well as farmyard animals, which FederUnacoma – the federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers that is the organiser of Agrilevante – is staging in collaboration with the Italian Livestock Breeders’ Association AIA, with its regional section ARA Puglia and the organisational structure of AgriUmbria. The visiting public will be able to enjoy the show of more than 500 breeding animals representing the most prized native breeds, from the Gentile di Puglia sheep breed to the Italian Mediterranean buffalo, from Limousine, Marchigiana, Maremmana, Podolica, Romagnola and Jersey cattle to Murgese and Haflinger horses, from the heavy fast draft horse to the Martina Franca donkey, as well as other prized breeds that enrich Italy’s livestock heritage. The programme drawn up by AIA and ARA Puglia envisages that the livestock area – set up with large tensile structures in the open air, in area 71 of the exhibition centre next to the Agriculture entrance, covering an area of 4,400 square metres – will also host morphological evaluation competitions for cattle, reserved for young breeders and technical and professional agricultural institutes, and aptitude shows for horses. Conferences and informative events are scheduled by the breeders’ associations, while an important seminar entitled “Zootechnia 4.0”, organised by FederUnacoma in the Desk area of the exhibition, will focus on the most advanced applications of robotics, sensors and the Internet of Things in the zootechnical “smart farm”. The meeting, which will also deal with aspects relating to production quality and “biosecurity”, aims to emphasise how new technologies are a fundamental support for creating production inspired by environmental ethics and respect for the species being reared.

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