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Agricultural innovation to adapt to climate change

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23 February 2022, United States: Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh called for all to overcome the consequences of Covid-19, transforming the agricultural system to adapt to climate change and sustainable in the context of new normal.

The leader of the MARD said that these are the premise to promote sustainable agricultural investment and transform the system towards smart with climate change, while helping to ensure food security and nutrition, contributing to the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate and sustainable development goals by 2030.

“The Vietnamese government is deeply aware of the need for close coordination between countries and actors in the food system, in which the roles of producers, processors, distributors and consumers are is the focus,” said Mr. Doanh.

The Agricultural Innovation for Climate Mission (AIM for Climate – AIM4C) is an initiative initiated by the UAE and the US, with the support of more than 30 governments, launched in November 2021, within the framework of the Summit. world leaders summit at the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26).

Recognizing that 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, AIM4C focuses on innovation across multiple areas of agriculture, which employs more than two billion people and feeds the world’s growing population. Currently, AIM4C has received a $4 billion investment to accelerate innovation for climate-resilient, smart food and agriculture systems over the five years from 2021-2025.

Along with the US, Japan, Korea, Australia…, Vietnam is one of the countries participating in AIM4C. Through the conference, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh agreed on four contents to be shared at COP 27 taking place in Egypt, including: ecological agriculture; new technologies/techniques; reduce methane emissions; and Smallholder Farming in low and middle income developing countries.

Vietnam made three commitments at the conference. Firstly, accelerate the transformation of the food system towards “green”, low emission and sustainable; rational use of resources, maintenance and conservation of biodiversity.

Second, invest in the development of agricultural infrastructure, not only for production but also for rural economic development; strengthen and strengthen the role of households and agricultural cooperatives – to suit specific conditions.

Third, promote the participation of the private sector in investment, development and application of technical advances in agricultural production; and replicate the public-private partnership investment model. Promote the application of digital technology in agricultural value chains.

On behalf of the host country to organize the conference, Mariam Bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said that AIM4C focuses on a number of areas that are often overlooked in the past. This initiative represents the UAE’s comprehensive and inclusive approach, which is also the commitment of this country when it proposed to host COP 28.

According to the host country UAE, AIM4C will step by step mobilize a global movement to increase food security and ensure the livelihoods of billions of people around the planet. In the immediate future, the Organizing Committee aims to mobilize 8 billion USD for investment at COP 27./.

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