Crop Protection

Netafim USA and Bayer to partner for “Precision Defence” crop protection solution

Partnership creates the industry’s most comprehensive solution utilizing drip irrigation as a delivery system for Velum® One Nematicide and other crop protection products to suppress nematodes. Qualified buyers can earn a $40 per acre rebate.

13 January 2022, California: Netafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim Ltd. – the global leader of precision irrigation solutions, announced today it has partnered with Bayer to create the Precise Defense program. This program represents a comprehensive solution designed specifically to combat nematodes, an invisible but devastating threat to the health and productivity of almond trees. Precise Defense delivers a powerful one-two punch by utilizing Netafim’s precision drip irrigation technology to deliver VelumÒ One Nematicide and other crop protection products directly to the root zone. This delivery method maximizes residual efficacy through uniform application rates and significantly reduces the amount of water used to irrigate almond trees.

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Growers who purchase a complete Netafim Dual Line Drip Irrigation System from an authorized dealer and purchase two annual applications of Velum One from an authorized dealer are qualified to earn a $40 per acre rebate.*

Every year, nematode damage results in approximately $1.57 billion in yield loss for almond growers. It is directly responsible for low tree vigor, increased disease transmission, reduced water and nutrient uptake, and root damage. Over 50% of California’s perennial crop acreage is affected by elevated nematode populations.[1]

Over a three-year trial, Velum One treated trees returned an average yield increase of 18.1%, or 292 pounds per acre. Additionally, those trees:

  • Showed a 58% increase in canopy area.
  • Exhibited an 11.2% increase in trunk growth compared to UTC (untreated control).
  • Showed low levels of root knot and pin nematode infestations.[2]

“Netafim’s cutting edge drip irrigation systems improve irrigation uniformity and have the ability to reduce the amount of water needed to grow a pound of almonds by 20%. In addition, our systems provide an efficient and effective delivery solution for Velum One and other crop protection chemicals,” said Mike Hemman, President and CEO, Netafim USA.

“The Precise Defense program is a best-of-both-worlds partnership that addresses today’s almond growers’ most pressing concerns and now incentivizes them to voluntarily adopt better solutions to combat climate change. By participating in the Precise Defense rebate program and investing in a drip irrigation system, growers can feel confident they have the tools to mitigate nematode damage, maintain (and even increase crop yields), and use water more efficiently.” said Chuck Bates, Vice President of Products and Agronomy, Netafim USA.