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Corteva reformulates 2,4-D to provide a better way for controlling tough weeds

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18 October 2023, US: CORTEVA Agriscience has applied its commitment to finding better chemistries for the 2,4-D family by creating Colex-D® – a herbicide just as effective on hard-to-control weeds but with the added benefits of near-zero volatility, ultra-low odour and Drift Reduction Technology, meaning it’s better for you, and better for your neighbours.

The unique structure of Colex-D® comes from its innovative choline salt. This proprietary salt brings a step change in drift reduction performance and volatility to reduce off-target movement.

Trialled extensively under Australian field conditions and wind tunnel testing, Corteva Agriscience Product Manager, Guy Sands said Colex-D® has demonstrated its strength and efficacy in fallow management, while still remaining lower risk to sensitive crops, such as, grapes, horticulture, and cotton.

“Colex-D® is a premium product with superior performance that is a better way of managing hard-to-control weeds in fallow such as fleabane,” Mr Sands said.

“The proprietary Drift Reduction Technology is designed to eliminate droplets at the finer end of the spectrum and generate more optimally sized droplets, maximising performance and minimising the risk of off-target movement.”

“A high quality of manufacturing, and lower levels of impurities in the technical material used to make the product has also resulted in Colex-D® having an ultra-low odour.”

Gunnedah CGS Branch Manager, Christie Chapman said her first experience with Colex-D® at the Corteva Agriscience Breeza research station solidified the product’s efficacy and highlighted its improvements in drift reduction and ultra-low odour.

“At the Breeza trial site, video and field demonstrations of the Colex-D® product were conducted, and it was really great to see how much less drift you had from the Colex-D®,” Ms Chapman said.

“It was trialled next to cotton which was really important to those of us observing because we wanted to see how that would work in a real-life situation.”

“It made us confident in the product. It worked just like 2,4-D should and we had the confidence that it wasn’t going to cause us issues in the surrounding crops.”

Ms Chapman said while existing 2,4-D formulations have issues with volatilisation and drift, this was not a cause for concern with Colex-D®.

“Where our farmers have used Colex-D® it has not drifted at all. They have made sure to use it in the right conditions, with the right nozzles,” she said.

“The structure of Colex-D® and its chemical composition means it is not going to volatilise.”

“I am confident in the chemistry.”

Corteva Agriscience Field Scientist, Chris Love said while 2,4-D undoubtedly has robust activity on some of the most important, hard to kill weeds, the use of existing 2,4-D products is becoming increasingly difficult to recommend due to drift and volatility issues.

“Older formulations of 2,4-D are viewed as problematic because of the risk of drift and damage to sensitive crops,” Mr Love said.

“However, farmers still need a way to control tough weeds in fallow. Colex-D® is a product that addresses both issues which is why we believe it’s a better way forward, to use in conjunction with Best Management Practices.”

NU Rural Agronomist, Adrian Nelson said the Breeza trial day showcased the strength of Colex-D® and its proven compatibility with other key herbicides.

“Corteva always make good formulations that mix well, and work well,” Mr Nelson said.

“Farmers like it from that perspective and are willing to pay a bit more for it.”

“I think it’s some of the more innovative farmers that like to use new products that they can see have a definite benefit.”

“Stewardship for 2,4-D, in particular, is very important,” he said.

“Obviously the cotton industry is particularly sensitive to it. They’d love to see it disappear but it’s a key tool in farming. We need it and we need to make sure we look after it.”

Corteva reinforces that success with this unique chemistry requires users follow the label and best management practices for 2,4-D application.

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