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Patanjali Jaivik Prom

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04 April 2024, New Delhi: Patanjali Jaivik Prom is an important source of nutrients for bio-farming. It contains 10.42% to 12% of Phosphorus. This product is made of bio residue, rock phosphate, khalli, amino acid, plant growth factors and beneficial micro bacteria. The Patanjali bio prom can be used for all types of crops like paddy, maize, wheat, sugarcane, potato, soya, groundnut, peanut, onion, menthe, and various vegetables, pulses, fruit, flowers and medicinal plants.

Methods To Use Patanjali Jaivik Prom

Use 40-80 kg of Patanjali Jaivik Prom per acre in the last week of July or according to proper moisture in the land.

Benefits Of Patanjali Jaivik Prom

1.   Patanjali Jaivik Prom contains 10.42% to 12% phosphorus which is beneficial for a long time.
2.   Patanjali Jaivik Prom contains carbon and nitrogen in a ratio of 12:1 which maintains soil structure.
3.   Patanjali Jaivik Prom provides nutrients to the plants and boosts soil fertility.
4.   Patanjali Jaivik Prom increases the availability and activity of useful bacteria available in the soil.

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