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HortNZ welcomes Government moves to improve supermarket sector performance

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31 May 2022, New Zealand: Horticulture New Zealand has welcomed the Government’s decisions following the Commerce Commission’s supermarket review recommendations.

‘New Zealanders need the best access possible to fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables for the sake of their health and wellbeing,’ said HortNZ chief executive, Nadine Tunley. 

‘That is why we support any move to improve the performance and transparency of New Zealand’s supermarket sector. 

‘Consumers and fruit and vegetable growers need to know they are getting a fair deal from the supermarket sector, particularly when competition is limited due to the small size of the New Zealand market. 

‘Greater transparency and competition in the supermarket sector will improve the functioning of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market, which will increase consumer understanding of the very real relationship between supply and demand.’ 

Nadine said another factor to consider is that commercial fruit and vegetable growing in New Zealand needs to be sustainable, from a business as well as environmental perspective. 

‘Supermarkets, which play a critical role in the supply chain, need to be responsible and transparent, and give growers consistently fair treatment.

‘If growers serving the domestic market find it impossible to stay in business due to rising costs and falling returns, New Zealanders will have reduced access to a range of fruit and vegetables, which will have a negative impact on health and food security.

‘That is why HortNZ is advocating for the Government to develop and implement a food security policy.’    

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