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Breaking Ground in Agriculture: BeCrop Trials Redefine Soil Insights for Biostimulant Company

18 September 2023, California: Biome Makers is changing the agricultural industry by assisting input manufacturers in validating and optimizing the performance of their biological inputs on the soil microbiome. Through their innovative BeCrop® Technology, Biome Makers empowers manufacturers to unlock the full potential of their products. This groundbreaking approach has gained recognition from industry experts and farmers alike, including Syngenta, Disagro, UPL, Bayer, and UC Davis, among others.

Rhett Cinquini, a fifth-generation farmer and Head of US Business Development & Agriculture at LIVENTIA Biostimulants, has personally experienced the remarkable benefits of utilizing BeCrop®. In collaboration with Biome Makers, Cinquini conducted a series of BeCrop® soil tests in multiple almond and walnut fields at different time points throughout the year. The results were astounding.

The BeCrop® soil tests revealed significant boosts in tree development, increased root growth, optimized nutrient potential, and decreased farm costs within just six weeks of implementing recommendations based on the BeCrop® soil data. These findings not only validated the effectiveness of LIVENTIA’s products but also provided valuable insights for further optimization. Cinquini, managing his 3,000-acre almond and walnut orchards, witnessed firsthand how BeCrop® revolutionized his farm management approach.

According to Cinquini, “BeCrop® is a metric of impact. It measures the impact of our products on the soil and the crop. The soil biology data tells us when and where it is most efficient to apply LIVENTIA products. Being able to use BeCrop® has been a huge advantage for us and really solidifies us as a reputable company in the biological space.”

To showcase the success achieved through BeCrop® Technology, a customer success video featuring Rhett Cinquini has been released. In this captivating video, Cinquini explains his adoption of Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology, highlighting the impact of Liventia’s products on the soil microbiome and providing proof of their efficiency to LIVENTIA’s customers. The video serves as a testament to the power of BeCrop® in transforming agricultural practices.

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